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Testament to Facebook account

Facebook Allowed its users to identifyHeir. This person will be able to access your account on the social network after your death. The heir will have the right to partially control your account, and also delete it if desired.

Will of an account on facebook

No one wants to think About his death, But this is something that we should all be ready for. This question is a little painful, but sometimes you need to think about it. This new feature will allow family members or friends to take care of an account in facebook, if something happens to you.

heir Will not have access to messages of the deceasedUser, can not delete information or post a new one. While he will have the opportunity to create one attached record - obituary or funeral information, confirm requests for friendship, change the photo on the cover. These options can be configured.

Will of an account on facebook

The first such service will bePeople united states. Some time later the function will be available to users of facebook, living in other countries. When such a function becomes available, it will be necessary to go into Privacy settings And in "Security settings" Choose the heir of your profile. There you can determine what will be available to him for editing and viewing, and what not.

If you do not want your account Hacked After death, you can use this function. Also your close people will be able to perpetuate the memory of you on the Internet

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