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Useful products for the stomach

The rapid pace of modern life often does not give usFind a minute for yourself. Even eat once, what can we say about cooking? Here and falls under the arm harmful food for snacks, from which then there are discomfort, heartburn yes stomach ache. Familiar, is not it?

The fact is that our stomach is verySensitive body and requires "correct reinforcement". The heaviness in the abdomen after eating is a sign of digestive problems. Do not rush to take all the pills in a row, it's better to go to the doctor. And just to prevent diseases zhkt, take note Rules of proper nutrition.

"so simple!" Advises you to pay attention to the followingThe products necessary for the stomach to be healthy and functioning normally. Add them to your diet - no, they do not completely cure, but will bring tangible benefits to the body! And remember the golden rule of nutrition: "All is well, that in moderation»! But if you are sure that these products do not suit you, do not take risks ...

Nutrition for healing the stomach

stomach ache

  1. broccoli
    Among all kinds of cabbage, broccoli, perhaps, is among the most useful. It is a good antioxidant and the best source of fiber.
  2. Cereals and bran
    Have antiseptic properties. With discomfort in the stomach, broths from bran are also recommended.
  3. carrot
    A carotene rich in carrots removes toxins and supplies us with vitamin A.
  4. Berries
    The most delicious way to strengthen the body as a whole!
  5. Apples
    These fruits contain pectin, which is capable of binding toxic substances. Only carefully with acidic varieties of apples - they should not be carried away with acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. avocado
    The exotic guest contains a lot of fiber,So useful for our body! Also using avocados can get rid of anemia and beriberi, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce cholesterol.
  7. dried fruits
    Raisins, dried apricots, prunes - what can be tastier and more useful? The best substitute for harmful sweets!
  8. Nuts
    They are quite high in calories, but it's better to eat your favorite nuts than fast food.
  9. yogurt
    Yogurt, like other sour-milk products, improves digestion. Just remember, it's not about the store products ...
  10. beet
    A little beetroot per day - and no problem!
  11. Flaxseeds
    Recommend using decoctions of flax seeds. And if the seeds of the plant take on an empty stomach? You know exactly about this method Cleansing the body!!
  12. greenery
    A bunch of fresh greens - a storehouse of useful vitamins and minerals that help to preserve youth, beauty and health. Especially pick out dill, parsley and spinach.
  13. water
    It is no longer a news that you need to drink enough water for normal digestion. do not forget about it!

To get rid of stomach pain, in the firstTurn correct your food. Nothing new: floury, spicy, very fatty, marinades, coffee and soda should be excluded from the diet. Regularly eat and do not forget about physical exercises. You know about it, so why are you still tormented by such a problem?

Save on Proper food? Cautiously, not that it is necessary to be spent for treatment ... be healthy and and always full of strength! Let your friends forget about the problems with the stomach - share this information with them!