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Manicure with newspaper print

Today manicure salons offer to womenSet of various services: it and escalating of nails, and a covering various drawings and coverings. Not all such pleasure can be afforded or simply can simply not have enough time for Manicure salon services. So on the Internet you can find a lot of tips for giving your nails a chic look.

"so simple!" Prepared for you The idea of ​​a very original manicure, Which can not be distinguished from salon. All your friends will envy you!

How to make a newspaper manicure

For its creation you will need a bright varnish,Page of the newspaper and 70% alcohol. Do a manicure and cut nails varnish. Then pour alcohol into a small container and immerse the nails into it for 5 seconds. Attach to the still wet nail an excerpt from the newspaper with the desired fragment and squeeze it. After a few seconds, take off the paper. On your nail will remain Text from the newspaper. Then just cut the nails with a fixer.

See in this video tutorial a detailed Creating a manicure with a newspaper print!!

Voila! It turns out very creative Nail design. Try yourself to create such a masterpiece of manicure, and you will do so always!

And tell your friends about this idea!