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Funny Lifehacks

Albert Einstein once said: "Two things are really infinite: the universe and human stupidity. However, I'm not sure about the universe. " It's hard not to agree with this person when you see how some unique ones come up.

Then they risk to weld themselves in a homemade jacuzzi, then they try to joke with an electrician, and some even do a swimming pool in their own apartment. "so simple!" Prepared for you a selection of "genius" advice, which in no case should not be repeated! For your own safety ...

Lifhhaki, which should not be repeated

  1. This guy probably thinks he's a genius.
  2. Lifhook with toe

  3. I strongly do not advise you to do the same shelf at home and keep fragile things on it.
  4. A shelf on an electrical tape

  5. And why include a microwave oven?
  6. Cake on the adapter

  7. Interestingly, but this jacuzzi or just people around are cooking meat soup?
  8. Jacuzzi from the bathroom

  9. What to do if you have a very low table.
  10. How to make a high table

  11. In case you run out of gas.
  12. The sausage is fried on the iron

  13. The guy did not lose his head.
  14. Bicycle and skate

  15. If the razor is broken.
  16. Lifhak with a broken razor

  17. Why wait for dinner to cool down?
  18. How to cool pasta

  19. Lifhak for real men.
  20. Meat grinder and drill

  21. If you turned off the hot water.
  22. Heated water lifhak

  23. So that the notebook does not overheat.
  24. Fan and laptop

  25. I only think that their parents did not like this idea?
  26. Pool in the room

It's really very funny, but some photos are even frightening, because because of their stupidity people are seriously risking their lives. For your own safety do not repeat these tricks!