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How to create a relaxed atmosphere in the home

Chaos is part of our life. Busy traffic, unrestrained people on the streets, problems at work and in private life - this is what surrounds us every day.

In our time is very difficult to find quiet place, Where you can find peace. You, of course, can fly to an uninhabited island for a while, but let's face it. After a short rest you will again have to return to the atmosphere of chaos ...

What can be done in this case? Turn your house into a quiet place, where nothing disturbs you. "so simple!" Offers you to pay attention to five ways that will help you get rid of the negative energy in the house.

How to draw positive energy into the house

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  1. Bring the house plants into the house.
    Plants in the house Not only beneficial to health, but also can give you happiness. Studies have shown that with the advent of plants, it becomes easier for a person to concentrate on their thoughts.

    There are many plants that can bringIn the house well-being. For example, basil brings good luck and protects the house from negative energy. Lavender gives peace of mind. Jasmine attracts love and money. Honeysuckle improves intuition.

  2. Decorate the house with special stones and minerals.
    Stone turquoise, located in the north-eastern part of the house will give you the support of the universe. Citrine is best placed in the southeast corner to attract wealth. Amethyst will increase spiritual strength.

    Pink quartz will help attract love. Jade will improve health and give wisdom. Black obsidian absorbs negative energy. Buy Natural stones Only a trusted seller who has quality certificates!

  3. Light a lamp or a candle.
    The Indian lamp, which is called "diya", is Oil lamp, Which is made of clay, with a cotton wick soaked in ghee (a kind of purified melted butter) or in vegetable oil.

    This lamp gives an extremely high spiritualEnergy. "Diya" helps to establish peace and wisdom in the house. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase such a lamp, you can light an odd number of candles.

  4. Light aromatic sticks.
    aroma sticks Widely used in the east for medical and recreational purposes, as well as as a religious attribute.

    Incense improves mood, exertBeneficial effects on the nervous system. Aromas will help to cheer up, improve efficiency, and some act as a sedative, relieve stress and improve sleep.

  5. Clean the house with salt water.
    Take a teaspoon of sea salt and mound it inA bottle with a sprayer filled with water. This solution can wash the walls and windows. Salted water not only cleans the house of dirt and dust, but also removes bad energy.

Another important point is the choice of colors for interior design. For calming effect choose Calm colors: Blue, green and beige.

Once a week you need to start a general cleaning. Disorder certainly does not contribute to peace and relaxation ... observing these simple tips, you can make your home a real place to relax.

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