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Alternative use of cosmetics

"so simple!" Often tells you about how you can use the usual things that are in everyday life almost all, not at all for their purpose. Today we have prepared for you 7 ways of alternative Use of cosmetics.

You do not even suspect that cosmetics can beUse as a household chemical goods and not only. If you have a shoe polish, do not worry, replace it with a regular hand or face cream! Although not for its intended purpose, but with benefit ...


How to use cosmetics

  1. shampoo
    This product can be used as a foam for a bath if you do not have a special powder. Even shampoo can be washed delicate or children's things.
  2. Balm for hair
    Easily replaces shaving gel.
  3. Cream for face or body
    This is a great tool for cleaning shoes orOther leather goods. He also protects his hands well in the cold season and softens his heels under warm socks. Even creams well moisturize the tips of hair, affected by paint, sun or frost. Just apply a little cream on the tips and evenly distribute it.
  4. Make-up lotion
    Perfectly copes with traces of a voice-frequency cream or lipstick on the outer clothing. It also easily cleans traces of hair dye on the forehead and behind the ears.
  5. After shave gel
    A good tool for treating and drying pimples.
  6. Eau de Toilette
    Aromatizes ordinary and bookcases. Just leave it ajar where there are off-season things or bed linen.
  7. Hygienic lipstick
    Softens the dry cuticle during a home manicure.

If you run out of shoe polish or shaving foam, try replacing them with other improvised tools. Believe me, the effect will be the same. Or even better!