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Hidden features of Skype

Skype is now installed on almost everyComputer. This program is simply adored by users, because here you can exchange short messages, make regular and video calls, send files, chat ...

Time does not stand still, because the program is constantly updated and makes users happy with new features and capabilities. Not about all the nuances Using skype Knows the average user of the program, but you have a chance to discover something new for yourself.

eg, Hidden emoticons. It turns out, except for those smiles that youUsed to enjoy, there are others. Perhaps you need them in the correspondence - you just need to enter the code in the chat, and then the desired symbol will appear.

Smilies on skype

(Smoking) or (Ci) - Smile who smokes;
(Bug) - a bug;
(Poolparty) - a party by the pool;
(Bandit) - the swindler;
(Drunk) - drunk too much smile;
(Headbang) - Smile bats his head against the wall;
(Mooning) Buttocks;
(Rock) - Rock;
(Toivo) - a boy and a dog;
(Fubar) - smile, which pokes a finger;
(Swear) - the smile is desperate;
(Flag: "2 letters of the state"), For example, the flag of Russia - (Flag: ru);
(Skype) - Skype icon.

There are other icons that you might need:

Smilies on skype

If you write a chat command / Admin, In the window there will be a list of various commands that can be useful to you. command / Clear Completely delete the history of the chat - very convenient if you need to quickly clear the window.

Holding three or more keys on the keyboard inSequential order, you will rejoice your interlocutor: instead of the usual writing pencil he will see ... a seal! And if a child gets to the computer and starts Chaotically press different keys, In the window will appear a pencil, broken into parts.

Skype is a daily program for thousands of people all over the world. These little secrets will make your Correspondence Even more creative and interesting. Show this article to a friend with whom you often communicate on skype.