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Choosing clothes for the shape type

Choice of clothes is a responsible matter, it knowsEvery woman. You need to buy not only quality and beautiful things. The main criterion - that they fit you, your type of build, image.

Look carefully at yourself in the mirror and think about what parts of the body look great, and what I would like to change. Clothes can change your type of figure: Hide flaws, And the dignity to make more expressive.

Determine your type of figure and follow the wise recommendations about what clothes you should choose. Feel like a queen!

Choice of clothes for figure type

  1. Inverted triangle
    Broad shoulders and narrow hips - unmistakable signs of a sporty physique, a physique of the "triangle" type. lucky you.

    This type of figure is now very popular, manyWomen do not leave the gym in order to get closer to such an ideal. To make a figure harmonious, you need to balance the bottom and top. Choose clothes that emphasize the hips.

    A-silhouette dress will look very good on you, trapezoidal skirts also look great on the representatives of this type of figure.

    Choose clothes simple style, you will be fine classic style, Calm colors. The sleeves of the raglan cut soften the shoulder line, pay attention to them. Wear long beads, a variety of hanging bijouterie. Give up wide collars, t-shirts with wide sleeves and shoulder pads.

    the Red carpet

  2. rectangle
    If your figure is like a teenager, the difference between the waist and hips is smoothed and small, you have the type of the figure "rectangle".

    Draperies, curvy collars, voluminous details will help you create bends that are not enough. Do not wear simple Tight dresses - this is an unprofitable option for you. For straight lines of your figure, the straight style of clothing will be optimal.

    Narrow, straight trousers and skirts are just what you need. It will be very good to look clothes with a special print - vertical lines.

    Figure rectangle

    Clothes for figure rectangle


  3. hourglass
    Goddesses with such a figure were lucky: It is on such women that a tight dress looks best. Your main decoration is your curves, avoid fabric trim and bright elements that can weight the figure and add to you overweight.

    An hourglass figure

    An hourglass figure

    An hourglass figure

  4. pear
    If you have wide hips and a thin, contrasting with them top - you are the owner of a pear-shaped figure. Alas, about tight skirts will have to be forgotten.

    A-silhouette is the best option when choosing clothes. Emphasize the waist, avoid the decor, which will attract extra attention to the hips. It's important for you Emphasize the chest And the collarbone, remember this. Use massive brooches, matching jewelry. Streaming skirts and strapless bodice lace are perfect for you.

    Cutouts on the shoulders attract attention to them. Lifhak: an excellent outfit - a white skirt and a sweater with a bright print.

    Such clothes will balance the figure, draw attention to the top and blends well with a leather jacket. More often wear heels, with a pear-shaped figure this is especially important.

    Pear figure

    Pear figure

    Pear figure

  5. an Apple
    Something that you should learn: simplicity is the right way. The simpler the clothes, the better you will look in it.

    Vertical seams and darts will help you seem slimmer. Do not wear wide and well-fitting clothes. Choose a deep cut and layered, also look great baggy top.

    Look at the picture: the black outfit of a star does not suit her at all, but the dress in Greek style is decorated with the owner of an "apple".

    Wear a darker shade at the bottom, combine bright prints with delicate fabrics. Original, bright outfits will look good on you, do not be afraid to experiment!

    Apple shape

    Apple shape

    Apple shape

To always be perfect, you just need to figure out which outfits are right for you.

Emphasize your individuality and drop everythingComplexes - there are no people with an ideal figure, just there are those who know how to dress, and those who do not understand this too. I hope that these recommendations will help you Choose a wardrobe, In which you will look stunning!