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Lemon for beauty

lemon It is a unique fruit, it contains a veryFew calories, but it is rich in a lot of vitamins: c, e, pp, b; Minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, fluorine; Useful substances: organic acids, proteins and carbohydrates.

This fruit is used not only forCooking dishes, treating various diseases and in the household, but also to improve the appearance. Use of lemon for beauty is an inexpensive, simple and safe way to become younger and more beautiful. do not trust? But you try! We offer 5 tips on how to replace store creams, pastes and masks with natural lemon juice.

How to use lemon juice

  1. For teeth whitening
    Mix baking soda with lemon juice in equalProportions, apply the resulting mixture as a toothpaste. Put it on the teeth with light circular motions with a cotton swab. Then brush your teeth with your usual brush and rinse your mouth well with warm water. This tip is suitable only for people with healthy teeth. To carry out such procedure it is possible only once a week.
  2. For lightening hair
    If you want to lighten your hair by one toneIn a natural way, then you can not find a better product than a lemon. After each washing of hair with shampoo, rinse them with warm water with the addition of lemon juice, and the effect will not keep you waiting. This tip is not suitable for owners of dry hair and dry scalp.
  3. To eliminate black spots
    Black dots are a problem with whichMany are confronted. It's very difficult to fight with them, but it's possible. Just put a little lemon juice on the black dots before going to bed and go to bed. Repeat this simple procedure for a few days and the black points will be significantly less.
  4. To remove dark spots
    Lemon juice is also used as aNatural skin clarifier. Mix a little lemon juice and sweet almond oil with honey, and rub it into the dark areas of the skin. Leave for 5 minutes, then wash it off. Repeat the procedure for a certain time and dark spots will become less noticeable.
  5. For weight loss
    Lemon juice when ingested is activeSplits fats and speeds up metabolism. Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of hot water, let it cool down and drink on an empty stomach every morning. In a week you can take a break. But you need to be careful, such a drink is strictly contraindicated to people suffering from peptic ulcer and with high acidity of the stomach.

through Aromatherapy With essential oil of lemon can reduce appetite. Just inhale the aroma of this oil before meals.

for Cosmetic procedures You need to buy small heavy lemons with a thin skin.

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