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How to choose a beard under the shape of a face

In recent years, men have become increasingly reflect on the issue, Is it worth growing a beard. Of course it's worth it! Stylish beard - the last trend of this fashion season. But then a new question arises, which form should I choose to look beautiful and attract the attention of women.

There are many types of beards and determineThe fact that it is very difficult for you. Start choosing the best way with determining the shape of your face. It can be round, square, rectangular or oval. Read more about Forms of the face And choose a suitable beard for yourself.

Perfect beard for men

  1. Square face shape
    For the square face is characterized by a broadLine of jaw and cheekbones. A form of matem Damon and harry barlow. For men of this type, a medium-length beard is suitable. Hair should be longer on the chin and shorter on the sides.
    Shape of face and beard

  2. Round face
    This face is characterized by round cheeks andChin, which does not stand out, there may be a bald patch on the forehead. If you have the same face shape as leonardo di caprio, chenniga tatuma and kanye west, then you will fit the type of beard, as in the photo. A long beard of a triangular shape will visually stretch out your face.
    Shape of face and beard

  3. Oblong
    Rectangular or oblong faces, likeThe rule is rather angular. For example, the eminem is the owner of this form of person. If you have the same shape, then a thick beard with rounded edges is what you need. She can visually shorten the length of the face, creating the illusion that your face is oval. Pay attention to the beard in the photo.
    Shape of face and beard

  4. Oval face shape
    If you own an oval face, then youvery lucky. It is universal and any beard will perfectly suit it. You can experiment as much as you like. We advise you to pay attention to the universal version in the photo.
    Shape of face and beard

It is worth remembering that a tall and bulky beard will fit a tall man, and a low one is best limited to stubble. Creating a beautiful beard Requires some effort.

First it should be grown at least a month, withThis may cause some discomfort. But after this period you will be able to model the type of beard that is right for you. The result is worth it! When choosing the shape of a beard, take into account the recommendations, but always strive to Individuality.

If the article helped you determine which beard will suit your type of face, share it with your friends. They will also be interested in learning how to properly emphasize the dignity of the exterior and Choose a unique style.