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Technique «Glass of water»

There are many techniques in the world thatAimed at using our subconscious. But the most powerful and effective which opens wide opportunities, in terms of fulfilling desires and making decisions, is technique "glass of water".

She came to us from ancient Tibet. Apply it to Search of lost things, When you face a difficult dilemma,You feel pain, you want something to receive or find something. This technique really works, the main thing is not to doubt what you are doing. At you all necessarily will turn out.

Technique "a glass of water"

glass of water

How to use this technique? There is nothing complicated. Write first on paper Thought-form. for example: "I am a happy man. I draw to myself luck, health and positive energy. Every day I become younger and more beautiful ... " On top of the sheet put a glass of water, preferably thawed or spring. Then rub your palms. The warmth that you will feel is your energy.

Place the palms on the sides of the glass, but do not touchhim. Repeat, is best out loud, a written thought-form. While trying to accurately represent what you are talking about. Then drink some water. Do this procedure before bedtime or immediately after awakening. Try, this technique works Very effective!!

You can use any thought forms. The main thing is not to use the particle "not". Wishes should be as specific and logical as possible.

"Why is it necessary to record a thought form on paper?"You will ask. Answer simple. When you write down your thoughts, they Acquire additional strength. Also words can charge the water with information,Laid in their sense. Research scientists have proved that if you freeze bottles of water and paste on them pieces of paper with good words, then under a microscope you can see beautiful ice crystals.

If you do the same, just write rude words, you can see ugly ice. Why this happens, science can not yet give an answer.

The energy of your hands strengthens your intention and Charges water. To feel a tight clot of energy between the palms, you need to train more than one week.

Now you have powerful technology that will help you through life. Success in your Fulfillment of desires!!

Share the technique of "a glass of water" with friends! Let them try to fulfill their dreams in this way.