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Check for alcohol on the road

This can happen with any driver at the most unexpected moment. You stop inspector DPS and asks to take a test for alcohol - blow in a special device that determines the level of alcohol in the blood.

It would seem that nothing dangerous can predict this situation: you, as a conscious driver, should never Drink at the wheel.

Under no circumstances do you get behind the wheel if you drank alcohol. Therefore, since you are sober, there is no problem!

But, alas, it often happens that even absolute teetotalers are deprived of the right after passing the test for alcohol ...

Why does this happen? We will not say that inspectors want to earn illegally in their posts or carry out a work plan, discovering a certain number of drunken drivers on the road.

Let the unworthy actions remain on theirConscience. Resourceful guys learned to inject a drop of alcohol into the breathalyzer with a syringe, so that even a sober person can be undeservedly punished. So as not to get into trouble, listen to these recommendations.

Checking for alcohol on the road

  1. When you were stopped by the inspector with alkotester, your first task is to remain calm.
  2. Before blowing into the tube, you must showMan his awareness. Know that to test a breathalyzer you need two witnesses that the inspector's co-workers can not be. Without a witness to do this procedure, he has no right.
  3. Alcotest

  4. Explain that you are confident in your sobriety. Do not worry about bottles of beer drunk two days ago and do not mention it at all - such an innocent conversation can bring you to court.

    Say that if the device shows an incorrectResult, you yourself will demand a trip to the doctors for an accurate examination. In order to send you for medical research, the inspector will need to do additional work - to draw up a protocol and indicate the visible Signs of intoxication, Which he discovered from you.

  5. Remember that the device has an error -0.16 milligrams per liter of exhaled air. If at you such result turned out, means, you are sober, remind the inspector about an error which the device admits.
  6. The survey on the road is not proof of your guilt. It will be considered valid only if you admit that you are drunk, so do not agree with wrong results!
  7. Alcotest

  8. Never give up Medical expertise - it will accurately show who is right, and will save you from deprivation of rights and fine.
  9. In the protocol that you are given for signing, be sure to indicate that you are in a sober state and the inspector accused you for no reason. Ask for help from a lawyer.
  10. If you go to medical examination, your car will remain in place - no one has the right to evacuate the car so far. Call a friend and have him take care of the car to him, this is very prudent.
  11. Physicians make 2 measurements of the readings of devices through a 20-minute interval. An inspection certificate is drawn up, a special entry is made in the registration log.

    If you are recognized as drunk medicalExamination, the inspector will draw up a protocol on an administrative offense. When signing the protocol, be sure to indicate that you do not agree with the result and require an independent medical examination.

    You have 2 hours to pass it. Please note that the inspector does not have the right to take your driver's license and issue a temporary certificate.

  12. If the doctors recognized you sober, and on the part of the inspector you noticed violations - file a complaint against him.

    To return evacuated transport it is possible, having found the inspector who signed the report on detention of a vehicle.

    On the basis of medical results in favor of your sobriety, he will put the stamp of the duty department on the copy of the protocol - this stamp will be the permission to return the machine back.

Be confident in yourself, when you communicate with the keepers of order on the road. Remember that anyone drunk Liquor Assumes a taxi ride, not driving.

Know your rights and know how to stand up for yourself, you will be all right if you act in a cool and thoughtful way.

Tell friends-drivers how not to get trapped and behave correctly in this life situation.