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The House of the Millionaire inside

Probably, each of us dreamed that when he gets rich, he will certainly buy himself A huge villa on the beach. is not it?

When this day comes, you will need to arrange it so that it is different Uniqueness and originality From the rest of the upper class houses. The presence of some original elements will help you to make from the usual empty house a luxurious dwelling of the rich man. It only remains to figure out how to make money for all this ...

Ideas for a chic house

  1. Underground garage
    Underground garage

    Forget about the garage, as part of the houseTerritory. Now you can realize the idea of ​​an underground parking with an elevator, which appears on the surface and hides back. For this you need to press just one button. These types of garages provide space saving and look very unusual.

  2. Slide instead of a ladder
    Slide instead of a ladder

    Long elegant staircase of hand-madeExpensive tree now no one is surprised. Do for your kids a merry entertainment and set up a hill instead of a ladder. For yourself, of course, you can build in addition something more impressive.

  3. Chic home theater
    Home theater

    Today it became common for rich people to organize mini-cinemas at home. They are often equipped not only with good equipment, but also with rows of comfortable sofas instead of seats.

  4. Pool and roof terrace
    Pool and roof terrace

    The best solution for using the roof will beInstallation of a swimming pool and equipment of a cozy terrace. Thus, by implementing such a decision, you can organize endless parties at home.

  5. wine Vault
    wine Vault

    Are you a connoisseur of good wine? Then the best option than the equipment of the basement room for a wine cellar, just can not imagine. He will certainly become the object of your pride and a place of friendly meetings.

  6. Golf course between rooms
    golf course

    Golf is a sport of aristocrats and rich people. Why can not you equip a playground at home? Still as it is possible! Play with your friends in golf without leaving home.

  7. Personal gym

    In order to play sports, you do not need to leave the house. Almost all millionaires have a personal gym. Only the majority of them are there rarely, because they constantly work.

  8. Large panoramic window with ocean view
    Panoramic window

    If you are a romantic person, love space,Sunlight or you like modern design solutions, then you should pay attention to the panoramic glazing. It looks particularly good such a large window when the ocean is behind it.

  9. Aquarium under the kitchen panel

    Here comments are superfluous. Photo speaks for itself.

  10. home library

    An excellent solution for millionaires who probably have a lot of old and rare books.

Of course, there are many things that you can equip your home with. The main thing in this business is a good idea, imagination, creativity and the availability of means that will help to bring this all into reality.

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