/ How to glue powdered powder

How to glue the broken powder

If you ever broke the contents of your favorite dear powder box, then for certain you know how this can be a big disappointment. Many girls throw out throw out Shattered and rassypannuyu cosmetics, Which was spent a lot of money, as it becomes more unusable. But there is one simple solution that will help you compress the powder. No extra costs!

How to compress the broken powder

  1. Scrape off all the powder from the body and pour it into a plastic bag with a clasp.
  2. Razmoney powder through a bag with a spoon, so that there are no big lumps.
  3. Pour powder powder back into the compact.
  4. Add a little alcohol (a full lid from the bottle) into the powder and mix.
  5. Let me dry the powder during the night.

This method is really very simple and Save your time and money. You do not need to run to the store for a new powder. It's just a brilliant beauty-lyfhak!

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