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Original hairstyles

No matter how much you rushed, 5 minutes for hair styling there is always!

Enough to walk in a boring, gray image - change your hairstyle more often. Scientists have proved that women who brush their hair differently at least once in a couple of days are less prone to sharp Mood swings.

To make a hairdo, you need to show your creative skills, and creativity helps to cope with any stresses and warns Depressive states. So be nice and feel at the same time a happy person! These 14 varieties of different hairstyles will conquer you.

Original hairstyles

  1. Careless knot with a hair clip.
  2. Knot with barrette

  3. Lush waves.
  4. Waves, hair

  5. Such a bezel in the hair will make a romantic hairstyle.
  6. Bezel

  7. The perfect tail.
  8. tail

  9. Incredible beauty can be created with a wide band-rim for the hair!
  10. hair band

  11. The shell is strictly, but very stylish.
  12. shell

  13. A pretty hairstyle for girls who like to open their neck for everyone. Not just taken in a bundle of hair - an amazing pigtail adorns the head.
  14. Pigtail

  15. A rose made with your own hair? Yes, this is not a joke. very beautiful!
  16. Rose from hair

  17. Air weaving.
  18. weaving

  19. Another careless, but very cute version of the beam.
  20. Bundle

  21. A braid around the head - this will always be relevant.
  22. Braid

  23. Very impressive hairstyle with an emphasis on one side.
  24. Showy hairstyle

  25. Youth version of the beam.
  26. Bundle

  27. Elegant patterned weaving. Incomparable!
  28. weaving

Feel yourself irresistible every day with new hairstyles! Hair is your main decoration, no gold and gems Do not give you so much charm, as well-groomed, shiny, carefully laid out hair.

Even a disheveled hairdo can be made chic! Experiment, surprise others with a change in their appearance. Remember: soon spring, the skills of creating original hairstyles will be very useful to you ...