/ 10 secrets for a flat stomach

10 secrets for a flat stomach

Do not even think about pulling your stomach in order to get into your favorite tight jeans - it does not give much. There are many other methods that will help you Remove a couple of extra centimeters At the waist and make the abdomen flat. Often many try to wear themselves out with diets, perform special exercises, but all attempts are in vain. Remember the golden rule: in everything you need to have a comprehensive approach.

Today "so simple!" Prepared for you well, just a magical collection of the best tips and tricks in order for your The abdomen became flat. MOTHER AT YOUR MIND!

Secrets for a flat stomach

  1. Magic time.
    You must necessarily have a bite with something thatContains a lot of protein, between 15 and 16 hours. It does not matter, whether it's a handful of nuts, a protein shake or 100 grams of cottage cheese. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you should not forget about this easy meal.
  2. Wall Clock

  3. Without a ball anywhere!
    Be sure to do exercises on the press with a gymnastic ball at least three times a week for 20 minutes a day.
  4. An axiom for everyone: use a minimum of sugar.
    This allows you to maintain a high level of glucagonIn the body - your main friend in the struggle for a flat stomach. To understand what kind of hormone is, imagine a small monster that travels through your body and splits fat, turning it into energy necessary for life. This is glucagon.
  5. sugar

  6. Chew-chew, child!
    Do not forget that digestion begins already in the oral cavity. So thoroughly chewing food will save you from bloating.
  7. Do not forget about the chain: food - cardio - muscle building - exercises for the press.
    The best fitness trainers in the world recommend such aDaily routine: 60 minutes for cooking healthy food, 20 minutes for cardio, 15 minutes for stretching and strength exercises and, after all, at least 5 minutes every day for exercises for the press.
  8. Less salt!
    Excess salt in food leads to bloating. Instead of the usual kitchen table salt try to use the sea. And also give up soy sauce. If you want to add a pungent taste to your dishes, try cayenne pepper - it stimulates metabolism well.
  9. Spilled salt

  10. Call the enemy in the ring!
    jokes aside: Many instructors advise adding a few elements of boxing to the workout. Boxing - this is exactly the kind of activity that effectively helps to fight excess weight. Add 15 minutes of such exercises to your training - in 2 weeks you will be able to lose up to 3 cm at the waist!
  11. Switch attention to dignity.
    If you can not boast of a flat stomach -no problem. For sure you have your looks in appearance. Switch the attention of others to them! Have long legs - put on short skirts. Do you have a luxurious bust? You must wear blouses with a deep neckline.
  12. Thin legs

  13. size matters.
    Let it be said daily, but it should be recalled again: eat small portions throughout the day. And also make sure that you have a lot of whole-grain foods in your diet.
  14. Laugh at your health!
    Studies show that laughter contributes toTension of the abdominal muscles. This is perhaps the easiest and most fun method to find the belly of your dreams. By the way, a new direction of group classes - yoga of laughter - is gaining popularity all over the world.


Now you will know why your previousAttempts to find a flat stomach suffered a fiasco. Because there are so many elementary tricks that you could not even think of. Henceforth everything will be different. By the way, there is not much time left until the summer. So go ahead, towards change for the better! And hello, my favorite narrow jeans.

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