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The Benefits of Tomatoes

More than 200 years ago, tomatoes were considered poisonous. Now, when this myth has long been dispelled, everyone knows that a tomato is one of the most useful products that nature has given us.

It contains many useful vitamins andElements that not only allow the body to get all the necessary nutrients, but also help fight diseases and prevent some of them.

The benefits of tomatoes

  1. Tomatoes are rich Folic acid And vitamins a and c, as well as a number ofAntioxidants, among them lycopene, alpha-lipoid acids, lutein, beta-carotene and choline. Lycopene is responsible for the color of the tomato, so red tomatoes are more useful than their relatives of other shades.
  2. Alpha-lipoid acids transform glucose into energy, and also help control the sugar content in the blood and maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels.
  3. Choline is irreplaceable when it comes to memory and learning, it is also useful during sports.
  4. Apple and citric acid, contained in tomatoes, help to solve the problems of the cardiovascular and digestive system.
  5. And vitamins c and a strengthen immunity and improve overall health.
  6. Tomatoes

  7. The substance lycopene prevents the appearance of Cancerous tumors, And is also a good prevention of developmentDystrophy of the macula that causes blindness. The amount of lycopene from any heat treatment increases, so it is not necessary to eat only raw vegetables.

    It is also very useful to eat tomatoes along with olive or sunflower oil - so all useful substances are better absorbed by the body.

  8. Useful not only the tomatoes themselves, but also any dishes based on this vegetable. For example, tomato juice helps with gastritis with reduced acidity, anemia and memory impairment.
  9. Tomatoes are known for their laxative effect, so they are often prescribed as a cure for constipation.
  10. A tomato helps to improve not only the physicalHuman health, but mental. A huge dose of serotonin and thiamine, which are nothing but hormones of happiness, will help cope with depression and improve mood. Use tomatoes in case of stress, mental turmoil and States of depression.
  11. Tomato is very valuable as Dietary product. Despite all these incredibly usefulProperties, it is very low calorie and can be used for any diet and type of nutrition. Chrome, which is contained in this vegetable, blocks the feeling of hunger and brings a feeling of satiety.

It is not recommended to eat tomatoes for people with cholelithiasis and kidney stones, and also for those who suffer from allergies to this type of vegetables.

Pickled and canned tomatoes are betterIf not eliminated, then at least reduce their number in their diet, as they can provoke an exacerbation of heart disease and peptic ulcer.

Better to eat in summer fresh tomatoes, and in winter - frozen. On how to freeze tomatoes for the winter, there is a lot of information on the Internet.

You probably did not know that tomatoes are so useful, and you want to include them in your diet. And this will be the right decision, because the value of this product for the human body is difficult to overestimate.