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How to iron clothes without iron

I've never met a person in my life who would have loved to iron clothes. But this is an important necessity. Crumpled clothes will not add respectability to you and you will hardly be expected to succeed in work or in your personal life, because you will look untidy and irresponsible. Can you solve the problem of crumpled clothes without using an iron? of course!

"so simple!" Prepared for you a video in which clearlyIt is shown how easy it is to smoothen clothes. You just need to put things in the dryer and throw a few ice cubes. Select the drying mode and turn on the machine for 15 minutes.

How to iron clothes without iron

After the dryer your clothes will be ironed and Without any wrinkles, Which even the iron is not able to smooth out. And all because of the fact that the steam acts on the fabric, straightening it.

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