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Beauty secrets

Every woman has her little secretsBeauty. How to make sure that there are not noticeably dark circles under the eyes? How to properly style your hair, so they look chic even at the end of the party? How to make a home Perfect manicure?

Similar issues that excite beauties -a bunch of. You have a great chance to supplement your knowledge of beauty: these 29 techniques will be useful for any woman. Useful knowledge is never a lot, improve your appearance with pleasure!

beauty secrets

  1. Do you want the nail polish to dry faster? Put the painted nails in a bowl with ice water - the drying process will be significantly reduced.
    nail polish
  2. Before applying a varnish, spread Cuticle With olive oil. Oil will help to easily remove the varnish, which will accidentally get on the skin.
  3. Lifhhak for those who urgently need to bring a manicure in order, but there is no time: always have a stock of sparkles at home.

    Apply a clear varnish on the old manicure, on top of the mound of the glitter of a suitable tone - the nails will immediately change.

    nail polish

  4. To turn glossy varnish into matte is very easy: hold your painted nails for several minutes over the steam - over boiling water or soup, for example. Matte coating will be delicious!
  5. If you use nail stickers, for example for French manicure, Make sure that the edge of the sticker protrudes slightly behind the nail, do not forget to glue the ends of the nails.
    nail polish
  6. Small glitters with nails to remove very easily: you just need to apply a liquid to remove the varnish on a cotton swab and wrap your finger in the foil. After a couple of minutes, the sequins will be removed completely.
    nail polish
  7. Be sure to apply a nourishing balm under the eyes: it is most convenient to do this with ring fingers, the area under the lower eyelashes will be ideal.
    face cream
  8. To add makeup Natural shine, Apply at the very end of a couple of drops of oil on your cheeks.
  9. If you do not always get to draw a straight line with a pencil for your eyes - do not despair. Learn to hold a pencil horizontally and draw a wide end of the pencil - this is the key to success.

    Do not spend just one line at once, it's unlikely that it will turn out perfectly straight - better make 3-4 small strokes, starting from the middle of the eye line.

    Eye make-up

  10. Before you sharpen the soft pencils for the eyes and lips, hold them for a while in the fridge - they will become less brittle.
  11. Mix dark shadows with light ones - for example,Brown, dark green and blue tones with neutral, creamy shades. These options for shadows are good for both evening and day makeup.
    eye shadow
  12. Put a blush on the cheekbones towards the hair growth line.
    Make-up brush
  13. A wonderful tool for removing makeup - Coconut oil. Do the make-up in the usual way, put a little coconut oil on a cotton swab and wipe your eyes closed. The result is wonderful!
    Make-up removal
  14. Sprinkled with lipstick lips on top of the shadows of a suitable shade - so the lipstick will last much longer.
  15. Before you dye your eyes with mascara, put a small cardboard business card under your lashes under the lashes. Boldly dye your eyelashes in a thick layer and do not worry about the fact that the skin of the eyelids will get dirty!
    Eye make-up
  16. When you apply the conditioner on the hair after washing, lightly move it over the entire surface of the hair and allow the hair to dry without combing it. With this way the hair will not get tangled.
    Curly hair
  17. When you dry your hair with a hair dryer, start the drying with hot air from the roots of your hair for a larger amount of hair.
  18. Braiding the braid, use mousse for styling hair - even such a simple hairstyle will be much more beautiful.
  19. Do not forget to comb your hair, starting from the roots, tilting your head down. This very well strengthens the hair.
    Strengthening of hair
  20. When there is no time to wave hair in the morning, take care of your hair on the evening before: put the fixing cream on separate strands, wrap them in foil. In the morning you wake up with a ready hairdo!
  21. Wiping her hair, not three too much. The hair from it becomes brittle. Use a soft cloth instead of the usual hard towel - the old T-shirt also fits.
    washing head
  22. dry shampoo Or baby powder will save you from the excessive fatness of the hair roots. Sprinkle a little roots - the hair will be clean and lush throughout the day.
  23. Always keep in the workplace a moisturizing spray for the face and body, especially in the summer heat. Well-moisturized skin always looks beautiful!
    Moisturizing the skin
  24. Namazh hollows on the cheeks moisturizing cream - this will immediately refresh your face.
  25. In the morning, rinse your eyes with very cold water or rub it with ice cubes - this will immediately remove puffiness, the skin will look well-groomed.
  26. Inflammation of the skin It will become less noticeable if you apply ice to the problem zone. The capillaries are slightly narrowed by the slightly frozen drops of "naphthyzine" - any pimple will become invisible with this remedy.
    Make-up removal
  27. Do not rush to throw out a face cream that has not been used for a long time! Put it on a thick layer on the heels, best of all - at night. Legs will be surprisingly gentle.
  28. The best you can do for your healthAnd beauty, - to buy a juicer. Natural juices with this unit can be prepared easily from any fruit and vegetables. It's a storehouse of vitamins for your gorgeous appearance!
  29. Try to do Dry scrubbing - Strongly rub the body with a dry brush before you go to the shower. Incredibly smooth skin will delight you ...

To always be beautiful, a woman tirelesslyWorking. Let these tips help you take care of yourself with less effort, but very effectively. Remember that the main ornament of any person is a smile and a good mood.