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How to open products correctly

It's hard to believe, but you're discovering the majority of food wrong! Because their inventors conceived it completely differently.

You can live half your life and not learn how to open correctly sachets of sugar or even cans. "so simple!" Prepared for you a selection of 10 products, whose packaging you opened incorrectly. Live and learn.

How to open products correctly

  1. Portioned cream
    To open them, you need to pull the "tongue" and lead across the jar. The cream is poured into a cup and mixed with coffee without problems.
  2. How to open cream

  3. Canned goods
    Insert and drive the opener towards you and simultaneously turn the jar. You will get a perfect cut without curving.
  4. How to open cans

  5. coconut
    Look at the coconut and find on it 3 black dots, which are located next. Pierce one of these points with a screwdriver or a sharp knife, then insert the tube and drink.

    And in order to open the coconut, you needRepresent a circle that should be slightly closer to those black points from the middle. Then tap the coconut along this imaginary line, and it will split.

  6. How to open a coconut

  7. Bag of sugar
    Are you still tearing off the corner? That's wrong. You need to break the bag in half. So the sugar will be in the cup, and you have one wrapper in your hand.
  8. sugar

  9. Coffee from mcdonald's
    The idea is that you do not need to completely remove the lid from the glass. On it there is a cap, which must be folded to the stop.

    It will remain fixed in the groove, and you can calmly drink coffee through a small hole. And the likelihood that you will be flattered will be minimal.

  10. How to open coffee

  11. pack of juice
    In almost every sap bottleIs located closer to one of the edges. If you pour the juice so that it is down, the air does not flow into the bag and the juice gurgles and splashes.

    But if you pour the contrary, the juice will flow smoothly and without splashing. So usually pour gasoline from a can.

  12. How to open juice

  13. Crisps pringles
    Insert a folded piece of paper into the jar, so it is much more convenient to have them.
  14. chips

  15. Simple chips
    Just pierce the pack with scissors and make a round hole. So they will not crumble.
  16. How to open chips

  17. champagne
    If you do not want to splatter new wallpapers, you need to open it in this way.
  18. How to open champagne

  19. Tangerine tac tac
    Flip the jar, and the pills will fall into a special hole on the lid.
  20. Tic tac

    Tic tac

Some of these secrets have become a real discovery for me. I did not even suspect that if the juice is poured differently, then it does not splatter. But about tic tac, I generally keep quiet.