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The fast is already on - since February 23, believers have changed their diet and have thought about Spiritual life seriously. A great post is the longest post in the year, it lasts for 40 days. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the reasons why you need to limit yourself in food, because their post is more like an ordinary diet.

If you just want to lose weight, Meal plan during the fast You definitely will help in this. But the meaning of fasting is not at all in losing weight and not even in improving the body. Refusing heavy, hearty food, you clarify your mind - when a person is constantly in a slightly hungry state, he thinks much better.

Post gives you a good opportunity Think about your life - Am I doing the right thing? Why is this happening to me?

Especially valuable post for those people who are not experiencing the best period in life - the rejection of dense food symbolizes redemption. Except for the physical aspect, which is expressed in the change of diet, fasting has an important spiritual component, and this is not only traditional prayer.

During the fast, you need to monitor your behavior, be kinder to others, try to understand others. Not to be angry, to be patient and compassionate - the main The task of a believer During the fast.

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Until a light Easter feast can not be used inFood milk, eggs, chicken, meat. Also you can not eat mayonnaise, butter, white bread and pastries, sweets, alcohol is prohibited ... according to the most stringent rules, on some days you need absolutely Refuse food, Even cold and hot food alternates on days.

Consider this detailed nutrition table by days during fasting. It may seem too strict to you - but do not worry, everything is not so scary.

Post table

When fasting, your menu should consist mainly of cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Great food - dried fruits, They will replace sweets. Mushrooms, greens, soybeans, various beans are also welcome during the fast. So that you can vary the table with vegetarian dishes - the fast will pass for you painlessly.

It is much more difficult to restrain anger and Control your emotions, Than to refrain from a certain meal, believe me. The habit of eating lean dishes will appear in your week of fasting.


Do not doubt - you will never regret that you fasted. Victory over oneself, Over their passions - something for which it is worth trying. Your life will be transformed by the field of such a test, try to hold a great fast the way it should. at least once!

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