/ How to choose your eyebrow shape

How to choose your eyebrows shape

Beautiful and properly chosen form of eyebrows - an integral attribute of modern women. Changing just one detail on your face, you can completely Change your image. Just one bend - and you're already a temperamental business lady. Take it away - and your image will radically change.

But do not forget that the eyebrows alsoIt is necessary to select under the form of the face, because not every girl will get thin or short eyebrows. But what can the chosen form of eyebrows say about you, what will others think about you?

How to choose the right form of eyebrows

  1. Face without eyebrows
    In the Middle Ages in Europe was very popularPluck your eyebrows and shave your hair with a forehead, so that it's tall and clean and fit the ideal. But today a person without eyebrows speaks only about the absence of character.
    Shape of eyebrows and character
  2. Straight eyebrows
    Low straight, wide enough and dark eyebrows - this is a male type. Women who have chosen this form have many male character traits - straightforwardness, imperiousness, rigidity.
    Shape of eyebrows and character
  3. Eyebrows with a characteristic break
    The sharper the kink, the stronger the temperament and theThe female essence is more clearly manifested. These eyebrows are good for a business woman, because they have the energy and strength necessary to be considered with you.
    Shape of eyebrows and character
  4. Long eyebrows
    A woman who has such a form of eyebrows - strong,Sensual, self-sufficient nature, which knows its own worth. A young face such eyebrows are made more adult, the face of a mature woman with long eyebrows is made younger.
    Shape of eyebrows and character
  5. Short eyebrows
    This form makes the person open, trusting and childishly naive. These eyebrows are great for young girls, but they will not look very good on an older woman.
    Shape of eyebrows and character
  6. Thin eyebrows
    The quintessence of femininity. The woman who chose this form can not be alone. She really needs care, flowers, gifts.
    Shape of eyebrows and character
  7. Round symmetrical eyebrows
    This is the eyebrows of a real business lady. They talk about such traits of character as prudence, caution, resourcefulness, ingenuity and even self-confidence.
    Shape of eyebrows and character
  8. Wide natural eyebrows
    Wide eyebrows make the face younger, give itEnergy and strength. But if they grow too low, with age they can make the face grim. So quite "wild" eyebrows are good only for young girls.
    Shape of eyebrows and character
  9. Eyebrow with lowered outer corner
    This is the eyebrows of the so-called "victim". The owner of these eyebrows is always grieving, as if she is eternally praying for help. Such eyebrows say that a person is not the creator of his life.
    Shape of eyebrows and character

Now you know how to change the shape of your eyebrows to remove or add this or that Character trait His own image. Choose the options you like and try to try one of these images on yourself.

And tell about your friends what the shape of their eyebrows says about them!