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How to clean house

Order in the house is a delicate matter. How many do not navigate, after a couple of days, everything is lying around anywhere, as if nothing was removed.

Besides, the larger the family, the more in the houseMore and more objects are accumulating, which simply do not have space anymore. Order in the house is necessary everywhere: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the workplace, in the pantry, in the living room, in the bedroom and even in the garage.

Having organized houses correctly all things - from a hair clip to children's sledges, you will not spend any more time searching for them. Furthermore, cleaning Now will not take away all weekend. Remember, every thing should have its own specific place!

"so simple!" Offers you 30 genius ideas, how you can conveniently organize things at home. As soon as people think of it?

How to clean house

  1. For all women the problem number one - where to put Cosmetics. How do you like this option?
  2. A small and inconspicuous tweezers that disappears all the time, now you do not need to search around the room - just use a magnet!
  3. This solution is also suitable for scissors, pegs and other metal gizmos for beauty.
    Hair clips
  4. And such a magnetic board - just a dream of women.
    magnetic board
  5. Now you do not have to rummage in the cosmetic bag to find your favorite red lipstick.
  6. And in banks, it turns out, can be stored not only conservation.
  7. Are you tormented by the question of where to store the curling iron and the hair dryer? Genius - use PVC pipes of different diameters.
    PVC pipes
  8. You would not have thought of such an application Organizer For papers.
    Organizer for papers
  9. About the order in the closet there are legends - there is always aatmosphere. But here you can organize everything if you put a little effort and include imagination. I thought that in plastic containers only food in the refrigerator can be stored?
    Plastic containers
  10. The fashionistas, it seems, became one problem less.
  11. Every centimeter can always be used wisely.
    Space saving
  12. A very practical idea - to decompose things by color or material.
    Things by color
  13. With accessories there is always a story. Now you know exactly where the thin black belt hangs to that red dress.
  14. And this decision will appeal to all owners of the "second eyes". Convenient and practical!
  15. Choose glasses under the mood!
  16. Now the bags are not lying around the whole apartment.
  17. With ornaments special trouble. Now you will not spend an extra hour to untangle the beads.
  18. Who would have thought that a bottle of sweet water would be suitable for storing bracelets and rubber bands.
  19. Order in the kitchen - the rule number one for any hostess. A good idea for storing boards and trays.
    Storage of trays
  20. Do not rush to throw out a box of cereals or cereal: decorating it, you will get an excellent box for storing recipes and other trifles.
  21. Take a closer look: these are not ordinary magnets, but Capsules with spices.
    Capsules with spices
  22. In the fridge, too, everything should have its place.
  23. The one who thought of it before, is a genius!
  24. So you definitely will not look around the house, where you left the window cleaner.
  25. Any housewife would envy!
  26. Do not forget about the pantry, dacha and the garage - there is always rubbish at least a dime a dozen. If your family likes ball games, you simply have to take it into service.
  27. Trays for eggs and Forms for cupcakes May not be used for the intended purpose.
    Trays for eggs
  28. children sledges Always take up a lot of space. But not with this decision!
  29. And the staircase can masterfully play the role of a hanger.
  30. It's not a secret that in every house there is a package with packages about which legends already go. The surprise of all - try to carefully fold the packages into such triangles. A good and practical alternative.

Was surprised by some ideas? And after all they are simply ingenious. Much that can be profitable to use not for the purpose, if only the imagination was.

And, of course, a huge desire at lastOrder the mountains of things that lie around, like house-free, around the house. Most importantly - do not forget to put everything in place! Then all these ideas and solutions will have practical value.

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