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How to identify the disease by nails

Our body is arranged in an amazing way! For example, the body can signal about ailments with the help of nails. Chinese medicine Has long recognized the close relationship of nails with the state of the liver. The color of the nail plate also tells a lot about the condition of the blood.

Some diseases can be detected by carefully looking at your fingernails. "so simple!" Will tell you about 10 signs that can be a signal to call a doctor.

How to determine the disease by nails

  1. Discolored nails
    This indicates a deficiency of nutrients. The nail can turn yellow due to the constant use of varnishes.

    Brown nails Testify to diseases of the thyroid gland. White nails speak of a lack of iron. Bluish-gray tint of the nail plate - lack of oxygen, problems with the lungs or the heart.

  2. Brittle nails
    if Nails are peeling off And easily break down, there may be problems with the thyroid gland. This also happens with red flat lishy (accompanied by rashes and itching). Nails can become brittle with age, with frequent use of lacquer, due to the influence of detergents.
  3. Condensed nails
    This happens with arthritis, lung diseases, diabetes mellitus. When eczema and psoriasis nails can be yellowish, they grow slowly and have seals.
  4. Spoon-like shape of the nail
    A concave nail means a lack of iron in the blood. Should eat more foods that increase the level of hemoglobin.
  5. Stains on nails
    White spots on the nails occur quite often. This is not a cause for concern. The cause may be an imbalance of nutrients in the body or even stress. As a rule, specks appear and eventually disappear. Eat foods that contain a lot of vitamins.
  6. Horizontal furrows
    They can appear as a result of injuries and injuries, due to the influence of extreme temperatures and as a result of chemotherapy.
  7. Hippocratic fingers
    If you notice that the nails are enlarged andBecome soft, this may indicate a symptom of the drumsticks. The bulbous thickening of phalanges of the fingers occurs in chronic diseases of the liver, heart, lungs.
  8. White lines on nails
    Most often occur on the index, middle and large fingers. Signal a lack of protein, which can be caused by malnutrition, liver problems, stress.
  9. Dark vertical stripes
    May be a sign of subungual melanoma, but, as a rule, it affects only one nail. While the color of the nail is also changing.
  10. Red or brown stripes under the fingernails
    Hemorrhages under the nail plates arise due to damage to the blood vessels. But sometimes such bands can be caused by arthritis or psoriasis.

Pay attention to your nails: Perhaps they are trying to warn you about the disease! Of course, changing the type of nails depends on many factors, so only by their condition can not accurately diagnose any ailment.

Nail plates - an important indicator of the generalHealth. That the nails were healthy and looked excellent, add to your menu more carrots, seafood, nuts, fatty fish. Share useful information with your friends!