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Useful tips for daily problems

Who among us did not encounter in life with problemsOr difficulties that are not accepted? Many people know firsthand what a terrible migraine, oily skin of the face or exhausting pain in the foot. And it happened that you did not know how to get a wart or get rid of a huge blister? when all Traditional methods are powerless, It's time to look for an alternative.

Here are some tips to help you cope with the unpleasant Household problems. At first glance they seem unusual and even strange. But, believe me, they work. From the means to fight with hiccups I'm generally in shock! Take it to your note, it will not hurt.

Tips for daily problems

  1. Can not you get a wart?
    Then you do not need cleanliness, but ... stickytape! Cut off a piece of scotch and paste it on the wart, completely closing it. Every three days, change the "plaster" to remove the dead skin. From a wart and a trace does not remain!
  2. Shy of yellow plaque on your teeth?
    Apples will help you. Do not be surprised, just raw vegetables and fruits during chewing act like a toothbrush. In addition, it is in apples contain special enzymes that allow you to clean the surface of the teeth naturally. Quite a safe and effective method.
  3. Constantly swaying in transport?
    And you know that one of the reasons for this unpleasant sensation is abundant salivation. In order to get rid of it - punch a slice of lemon or olive.
  4. Excruciate pain in the foot?
    Dispose of them by special anesthetic massage with a conventional tennis ball. Thus you can also get rid of back pain.
  5. Faced such an unpleasant problem as blisters?
    These bubbles, filled with liquid, are of differentSizes. To get rid of this trouble, try ... a mouthwash. Just apply it three times a day to the affected area, and the blister will disappear very soon.
  6. Can not you get rid of the unpleasant smell of your feet?
    This problem is very delicate and few people are rattling about it. Use the folk method: apply vodka on a cotton pad and wipe their feet. An unpleasant smell will soon disappear.
  7. Does not stop hiccough?
    There is a simple but effective way to get rid of the annoying problem. Swallow a teaspoon of sugar - and the hiccups will stop after a few seconds.
  8. Do you have oily skin of the face?
    Let this method not from pleasant, but effectivelyEliminates the problem that millions face. Crush the tomato and rub the resulting mass on the surface of the face. Sit for a few minutes and wash it off with warm water.
  9. Are you suffering from a headache?
    This advice seems strange to you, butA simple pencil, sandwiched between your teeth, will help you. This means prevents involuntary tight compression of the jaws, which is observed in a state of stress and pain.
    Pencil in the mouth

Why have not I been told about these methods before? Because all these tools are always at hand. Every time I am convinced that it is not necessary to look at the usual things only from one angle. Non-standard application Can be an excellent remedy for a seemingly unsolvable problem. Not for nothing they say: live life - learn.

And your friends know how to deal effectively with hiccups and motion sickness in transport?