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How to clean the air in the house

It's no secret that the polluted airCauses health problems. Complaining about a bad environmental situation, we completely forget that at home, where we spend much more time, the air is not cleaner than on the street. If you can hardly influence the ecology of the city, then Clean the air in the house Under the power of everyone.

You are sure to make sure that everythingThe foods you eat are organic. However, everything becomes more complicated when it comes to household chemicals that you use to clean houses.

Be careful: the scientists calculated that in one apartment in the air can contain up to 400 harmful chemical compounds. these Chemicals Can negatively affect the health of your loved ones.

The woman is cleaning

Unfortunately, clean air in our apartmentsCan not be named. For the house to breathe easily, and all household members feel good, the air must be cleansed and moistened. Thanks to these helpful tips, you can step by step to make the air of your home as clean as possible.

How to clean the air in the house

  1. Keep the shoes at the entrance.
    The scientists calculated that 80% of all the dirt that appears in our house, we bring with our shoes in the form of dust, sand, clay and everything else that we met on the way.
  2. Open the windows more often.
    It is proved that the air of the house can be 5 timesMore polluted than on the street. To refresh the atmosphere, you need to regularly ventilate the room. In a stagnant, still air, bacteria and fungi feel very good. The more fresh air - the fewer invisible enemies.
  3. Less chemistry!
    Acetone, which is contained in the liquid to remove varnish, can cause asthma. Therefore it is better to give preference to an alternative option without acetone.

    And, by the way, your towels will absorb moisture better if you do not add a lot of chemicals while washing them.

  4. More accurately with dry cleaning.
    If you took your things from the dry cleaner, keep themDay or other in the garage, as experts advise, or just hang on the balcony, so that all the harmful substances that have absorbed into the fibers of the tissues during the chemical treatment have disappeared.
  5. Look in the bathroom.
    We will talk about the curtain for the bathroom. Check what material it is made of. Scientists have found that synthetic fibers contain harmful chemical compounds that, evaporating even at room temperature, can cause dizziness, nausea, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, as well as acute respiratory infections.
  6. Attention to plastic.
    Plastic containers in which you store foodIn a refrigerator or you carry a lunch for work, can contain a dangerous chemical substance bisphenol a. Because of the structural similarity with the female sex hormone estrogen, it has a negative effect on the brain and reproductive system, and also causes a number of cancer diseases (both in women and men).

    On containers they usually write the type of plastic they are made of. To be healthy, products made of Type 7 plastic should be avoided.

  7. Make a safe cleanser with your own hands.
    Try to use less chemistry in your home. There is a simple recipe for an excellent detergent from natural ingredients, which is no worse than the household chemicals that are sold on the shelves.

    Take 0.5 tsp. Soda, 1 tsp. A natural dishwashing liquid and 2 cups of warm water. Mix it all in a convenient spray bottle.

  8. Choose what you clean.
    Instead of harmful chemical sprays and feather brushesFor cleaning, which in fact only raise the dust, use special rags of microfiber - they perfectly absorb all the dust, not scattering it around the house.

Think about how to make air in your homeCleaner. Do not believe all sorts of fresheners and air flavors - they only mask the problem, but do not solve it. Come to the cleaning in all seriousness: the polluted air at home can lead to health problems.