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How much to cook eggs

A chicken egg is considered one of the most usefulProducts. Eggs are essential for a healthy and balanced diet. They are rich in vitamins a, e, b, and also contain calcium, manganese, iron and zinc. To drink a raw egg not everyone can, it can even be dangerous, since there is a risk of getting Salmonella. So it's best to cook the egg before eating.

If you choose between fried and boiled eggs, it is better to give preference to the latter. They are more useful. There are different Degree of cooking of eggs. What will happen to the egg if cooked 2 minutes, and if 10? Watch the video and you will know everything!

How to boil an egg

  1. Never cook eggs that you just took out of the fridge. They are likely to burst in hot water.
  2. Use the timer when cooking eggs.
  3. If the eggs are very fresh, then they need to cook longer.
  4. So that the eggs remain intact, cook them in a small saucepan. If there is a lot of space in the container, the eggs can hit against each other and crack.
  5. So that the egg does not burst when cooking, add a tablespoon of salt to the water.

It would seem that it can be difficult to boil eggs? But, as you can see, this is a whole science that is worth knowing.

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