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Baby food

Any mom wants to grow a healthy andBrought up child. But infrequently you will meet children who clearly understand how to eat and behave properly at the table. Alas, most parents do not pay attention to this point in education. It is necessary to teach the child to Right habits in nutrition - it will help in the future an adult person to be responsive to their health, to watch what, when and why he eats.

These rules are obvious for any European child. Teach yours, before it's too late!

Rules of nutrition of children

  1. Eat 3 times a day.
    When a child eats 3-4 times a day without snackingEspecially between meals, he always eats with appetite. Meals are welcome and are perceived as a pleasant moment, even if the food does not really like the baby.
  2. Eat natural foods in normal portions.
    Choose natural foods to feed your baby. Less impurities, preservatives and products, the harm of which is obvious. At three meals a portion should be of a normal size, include the first, second course and dessert.
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  4. Drink water.
    Water is very important for the proper functioning of the body, no juices and sodas will replace it. Between meals a child must drink a sufficient amount of water.
  5. Eat, sitting at the table.
    No snacks on the go, no hurry,TV or even more so a computer. Teach the child to eat, sitting at the table, focusing on food. Explain why it is so important for digestion. All children look at their stomach with surprise and draw conclusions, if they tell that the food is poorly digested for certain reasons. Teach a child to feel his body and understand himself from childhood.
  6. Dinner should be easy.
    The main meal is lunch. For dinner you can eat vegetables, scrambled eggs, pasta, light soup, fruit. When a child eats a light supper, he falls asleep more easily and sleeps better.
  7. After eating the kitchen closes.
    Teach your child to refuse snacks. Constant trips to the refrigerator are contraindicated. A person who, from childhood, is accustomed to being in a constant process of absorbing food, subsequently suffers from obesity. Why does this need your child?
  8. Be able to stop in time.
    The child should know the measure - when full, do not eat anymore. This is also very important, because of overeating stretch the walls of the stomach. Explain to the child how dangerous overeating is, and do not let it happen.
  9. Enjoy the taste of dishes.
    Guess the ingredients that were used in cooking ... when food brings pleasure, it's great! Prepare for the child not only useful, but also tasty dishes.
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  11. Learn how to cook.
    Teach the child to cook - let him watch,What Mom does. A child prepared with his own hands will eat with incredible pleasure! There are many simple dishes. You can teach your child to cook them. Interest in food and understanding of the process of cooking make healthy eating habits.
  12. Food should not cause a sense of guilt.
    Guilt is a good prerequisite for foodDisorders. To avoid serious illnesses like bulimia and anorexia in a child, never scold him if he ate something wrong. Do not use food as punishment or encouragement!

These rules of nutrition are useful not only for children, but also for adults. Take care of health His family is right, and then the child will not have problems with nutrition! Because children copy the habits of adults.

Show your own example, How to eat right, do not forget about it.