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How to use a thin band

Ordinary gum can work wonders! These lifhaki are exactly what you need - they can be used in so many everyday situations. Watch this video, and you'll learn how to use a simple thin rubber band to fix the glasses that fall forever. Banks that are difficult to open, you can open with ease with the help of elastic bands!

You no longer have to hold the board forSlicing - an elastic band will help you securely fix it on the table. And that's not all ... watch a video on how you can adapt this simple thing and improve the quality of your life.

How to use a thin band

Excellent lifhaki, is not it? Do not rush to throw out gum - their advantage is difficult to overestimate. Who would have thought that this subject, which you often throw out, is so practical! Do not miss the opportunity to simplify business matters, use rubber bands.

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