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Mistakes of youth

Every day you have to to make decisions. From small and large solutions and consists of oura life. How can you not be wrong and act right? It's very scary to realize that from your actions life can change for the worse. But it pleases you to be responsible for what is happening to you. Everything is in your hands, and this gives hope.

Young people often act rashly, we are not used to planning and calculating our actions in advance. So as not to be bitter Regret the deed In old age, take care that already now your decisions were more balanced. You can fix everything, but it's better not to allow any offensive mistakes.

Youthful mistakes

Young and old women

  1. Do not waste your life on empty TV shows and serials. This is a lot of time that will never return.
  2. The virtual world should not be a priority of the real. Live a real life! She is yours alone.
  3. You will regret in your old age how little you have enjoyed the beauty of nature and the world around you. Observe, enjoy the beautiful, memorize the bright moments.
  4. The repentance that will overtake you in old age, will no longer be corrected by the fact that you neglected a healthy way of life in your youth. Cultivate in yourself useful habits, take care of your health.
  5. Learn every day something new! Spend time learning about the boundless world, and you will become wise before you grow old.
  6. Meet the dawns and see off the sunset. These moments in old age will not be enough for you.
  7. You will regret the mask you wear every day. Be sincere, do not hide yourself from others. Do not lose yourself.
  8. Stiffness and fear prevent you from living. Be braver, more confident, avoid stereotyped thinking. A closed person is not able to taste life to the full, he is already dead now.
  9. Behave like a child when you want it. Childhood is the best time in the life of any person, even if to him already 40. let the childhood be a holiday in your life.
  10. You will regret that rarely saw friends. Learn to be friends, then not to remain alone in old age.
  11. About the moments when you experienced anger, envy and jealousy, you will have to regret very soon. Keep your soul bright and clean, do not let the dark essence take precedence over your thoughts and actions.
  12. You will regret how little you expressed your love towards the closest people. Talk about your feelings and back them up with your actions!
  13. More rejoice, laugh, have fun. Positive emotions prolong life.
  14. Stop taking your opinion seriously. Suspicion poisons your existence, treat things easier.
  15. Young in the shower

  16. You will regret the fact that so little traveled. Do not miss the opportunity to see the world!
  17. Do not lose the childhood dream. Develop all your abilities and talents. To bury talent in the ground means prematurely burying oneself.
  18. You will regret that you have underestimated yourself. Treat yourself with respect, know yourself the price.
  19. Do not give up, do not give up under any circumstances! Your efforts will not be wasted in any way.
  20. You will regret that the material world was forYou are more spiritual. People are more important than things! In old age you will acutely feel that material wealth is not capable of bringing happiness. Develop your spirituality.
  21. You will be in despair, that did not have time to say the most important to those who are no longer around. Do not postpone for later.

Feel the transience of life. The moments go away, they can not be returned. The only thing you can do is fill every minute of your existence with meaning. Live consciously, Think what you are doing, watch yourself. Then in old age you do not have to look back with regret - in your soul will reign harmony and true bliss. Believe me, youth will pass swiftly ...

Remind friends about how important it is to live your life responsibly. Wake up, be conscious, live for real!