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How to draw arrows in front of eyes

Draw Ideal arrows On the eyes - a delicate process. Not all women get it smoothly, in order to makeup was flawless, you need to practice well.

If you have failures in the field of beauty -Do not worry, better be patient and careful. You have very easy to make arrows of your dreams, because even a man did it playfully! The main thing - constant practice and perseverance.

Makeup artist shares a convenient technique with which the application of arrows will cease to be a problem for many women. In order to quickly and correctly Take one's eyes off, You will need Black pencil And curling irons for eyelashes.

Eyelash curler

How to draw arrows in front of eyes

  1. First you need to draw a thick line with a pencil on the surface of the forceps, which will touch your age.
  2. Arrows on the eyes

  3. Use forceps for curling eyelashes the way you normally do it. The only difference is - when you press the forceps to the age, hold them there for 30 seconds.

    You can lightly press the forceps on the surface so that they tighten the skin. Thus, the line, previously drawn by you, is precisely printed over the eyelashes.

  4. Arrows on the eyes

  5. The result is impressive! The arrow turns out smooth, without jags and inconsistent strokes. Now you can take a pencil and adjust the contour a little. If you draw oblong arrows, it will be easy for you to make them in the corners of your eyes.
  6. Arrows on the eyes

  7. excellent! Now you have not only expertly brought up your eyes, eyelashes, too, have acquired a tempting form. Two birds with one stone, without any unnecessary trouble.

    This trick is known to professional make-up artists for a long time and is popular. Because you want to have an expressive look ...

  8. Arrows on the eyes

See a detailed video on how to Master make-up artist Demonstrates this cunning trick. Try to do the same as he did, and you will be delighted with your appearance!

Blessed is the one to whom this brilliant idea came to mind! The surprise of their friends - tell them about such a useful, ingenious way of eyeliner. Any woman will appreciate it ...