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Types of headache

when my head hurts After a tumultuous celebration or from a lack of sleep,We are not so much worried. You can drink a pill and soon forget about the unpleasant sensations! But when the pain comes suddenly, without prerequisites and apparent causes, it is an alarming symptom.

The body informs us about the problems that arise immediately. If you are experiencing A sharp headache, Be sure to find out what's wrong with the body. This will help to protect yourself from serious diseases or cure them in time. Besides, having understood the source of the headache, you will win over it an uncompromising victory!

Types of headache


  1. Pain in the temporal part of the head and pain in the vertex
    Pain in the temples can indicate a variety of disruptions in the body. Lack of sleep, changes in the hormonal background, intoxication and lowering of intracranial pressure can cause pain. also Pain in the temples Is characteristic of a beginning cold or flu.

    If the pain in this area of ​​the head increases and causes strange sensations like nausea, you should always consult a doctor. Do not ignore and sharp Back pain. Such pain sensations are often signs of an approaching hemorrhage.

  2. A headache in the morning
    If you often wake up with a headache, while remaining a fan of a sober lifestyle, this is a bad signal of the body.

    Morning headache may indicate a nighttime apnea, pressure problems and even a brain tumor. In this case, the survey is necessary!

  3. Pain around the eye and pain in the cheekbones
    Cluster headache, or pain in the eye area - one of the most horrible sensations. To withstand these attacks is almost impossible!

    We advise you to consult a goodNeurologist, if such a pain suddenly visited you. It can indicate anomalies in the hypothalamus, sudden expansion of the blood vessels of the brain and disruption in the work of the cardiovascular system.

    Pain in the cheekbone And the forehead may indicate the onset of sinusitis.

  4. Headache and dizziness
    Often a headache may be accompanied byIncidental symptoms: dizziness, nausea, clouding in the eyes, pain in the neck, throbbing bouts. Osteochondrosis, past head trauma in the past, hormonal failures, neuroses and depression can cause such pain. Very often classical migraine Is accompanied by similar phenomena.

    Follow your diet, sleep and rest before consulting a doctor. It is important to know every small detail, so that a specialist correctly diagnosed!

  5. "Heavy" head and sore feeling in the upper part of the head
    If it seems that the head for a time turned into a pumpkin, it's not so scary! Tension headache Is one of the most common and can be caused by overwork, lack of oxygen, decreased motor activity and strong nervous experiences.

    Have a good rest and sleep, it will help to cope with the pain!

"so simple!" Wishes you good health! Share with friends our article on how important it is to monitor the condition of your body and understand the principles of its work.