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How to dilute thick blood

The quality of the work of all human organs depends on the state of the blood. causes Thick blood Can be different, one thing is important: this kind of blood is not capable of fulfilling its main function - transport.

Formal elements of blood give it a density, while plasma - its liquid component. If the number of blood cells exceeds the plasma content, the blood viscosity and density increase. The ratio of the volumes of plasma and shaped elements is called the hematocrit number.

thick blood

Because of the increased viscosity, not all Blood cells Can normally perform their function. Then the bodies will not receive enough nutrients, and the products of decay will not be fully recovered. In addition, to pump too thick a mass, the heart must work beyond its power. About thrombosis, blood supply disorders of all organs, including the brain, varicose veins, stroke, atherosclerosis and can not speak!

thick blood

How to thin out thick blood

For the prevention of stagnant phenomena in the vessels andImprove their patency of blood to dilute. After giving a general blood test and determining the severity of the hypervisual syndrome (a syndrome of increased blood viscosity), the doctor will indicate the necessary measures for normalizing the condition.

general blood analysis

If it turned out that the density of blood is higher than normal,Regardless of the reasons you need to immediately revise your diet. Give up fried and fatty, canned food, marinades, sweets, smoked foods ... also should be excluded from the diet of buckwheat, potatoes, bananas, alcoholic and carbonated drinks. Be sure to include in the diet low-fat dairy products and drink more liquid!

Products for liquefaction of blood covi

There are also many products that help to dilute the blood. They include oranges, pomegranates, figs, raspberries, garlic, beets, strawberries, ginger, lemons, sunflower seeds, cocoa.

Aspirin for liquefaction of blood

Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) - one of the popular, effective and safe drugs for dilution of blood, improve the patency of blood vessels and prevent heart disease. Ask the therapist to choose the right dosage.

Infusion of blood for blood thinning

In folk medicine use Infusion of the twill, Which can become a valuable replacement for aspirin. 1 tbsp. L. Herbs brew a glass of boiling water, insist for half an hour. Strain and drink as a tea 2-3 times a day.

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