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The Benefit of a Tea Bag

after use Tea bags All are accustomed to send straight to the trash. But this is undeservedly. The fact is that even used bags are too good for being garbage.

These 5 brilliant ideas of using tea bags will be useful for you in everyday life. Now your hand will not rise to throw a bag!

How to use tea bags

  1. Problems with the skin? Abrasions, bruises, scratches, minor redness, inflammation and insect bites can be made less noticeable with a tea bag. You just need to hold it under cold water and put it to the harassing place for 15 minutes. Tea contains tannins that will relieve inflammation and irritation, reduce redness and swelling. Be sure to try this trick!
  2. Application of tea bags

  3. Pigment spots, herpes and dark circles under the eyes are also removed using a cool Tea bag compress.
  4. Application of tea bags

  5. Give tea bags a good dry.
    Application of tea bags

    An unpleasant smell will disappear from the shoes, if you put a tea bag inside. It absorbs all excess moisture and mustiness. Store so shoes - very reasonable.

  6. Application of tea bags

  7. How to wash the heavily soiled dishes, without using a chemical and without wasting time to wipe the dried up pieces of food?
    Application of tea bags

    Soak the dishes in the sink with water for the night, throwing a tea bag in the same place. In the morning all dirt will be washed without problems!

  8. Application of tea bags

  9. Tea bags are not to the liking of small rodents, spiders and insects. The smell of tea scares them away. Put the bags in the places where the pests were seen, and they will not appear there anymore!
  10. Application of tea bags

  11. If you put the used tea bag inRefrigerator, there will always be a nice smell. The tea bag will absorb the odor of food and maintain a proper balance of moisture in the storage area.

Watch a video on how to properly handle the sachets, so that they will be useful:

Tea bags Always available at home or in the office, it's freeMeans against many domestic troubles. Why not take advantage of the magic properties of the bags instead of sending them to the trash? Show this information to your friends, it can also be useful to them.