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Remedies against scars

If you have problem skin, do not despair. Of course, rashes on the skin cause discomfort: you feel awkward in society, worried about your appearance. It is not uncommon for the rashes to hurt or itch, and what is most unpleasant - even when everything passes, after them there are terrible Scars on the skin.

You can contact a cosmetologist in order to remove them. But there are simple home remedies that are effective in the same way as going to a beauty salon.

Remedies against scars

  1. Aloe vera juice
    Fight against scars Possible, do not necessarily wait a few months,Until they disappear themselves. For example, you can easily discolor pinkish or brown scars with the help of aloe vera juice. Squeeze the juice of a healing plant into a tablespoon and put it on your face, 30 minutes will be enough. Wash your face with warm water.
    aloe vera
  2. soda
    A very good tool for grinding small scars. Just add a couple of drops of water to a pinch of soda and apply this gruel to the scar. A little massage. After 3 minutes wash the soda with water and gel for washing. The effect is visible right away!
  3. lemon
    Lemon - a known whitening agent. Rub the scars and the whole face with lemon juice, like a tonic for the face. On the problem area, apply lemon juice on a cotton swab and leave it for 15 minutes. After the procedure, wash. In a day you will notice a lightening of the skin and small scars.
  4. Tomatoes
    This is an invaluable source of beta-carotene. Cut the tomato into thin slices and make a refreshing face mask for 10 minutes. Your skin will be radiant instantly! Use tomato juice to make the skin surface smooth. Who would know what an amazing strength the tomatoes have!
  5. honey
    After you discolor the scars, the skin canSlightly redden. Substances that are present in these natural remedies, remove the dead cells from the skin, because the face may seem slightly irritated. Use a beautiful soothing mask - mix a tablespoon of honey and egg yolk. Apply the mixture on your face for 20 minutes. This mask will soften the skin, soothe irritation, moisturize the face.
    Honey and egg

If you Problem skin And the scars do not heal well-make sure that your food contains enough foods containing vitamin E. Nuts, oatmeal, soy, sunflower and olive oil, avocados, liver, bananas, oranges.

This food should always be in your menu, and then the skin will become healthy and radiant! Natural means for skin health will help you to preserve youth and beauty, painlessly Cope with skin defects. Try it and you will not regret it!