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Tips for using a microwave oven

These lifhaks are useful for everyone who hasmicrowave. We all know that this household appliance is designed to cook a variety of dishes and warm up the food in it. But if you figure it out, she knows a lot more that you did not even know about.

Microwave can perform tasks that are not part of the set of its standard functions, for example, disinfect sponges for dishes or unmark stamps from the envelope. "so simple!" Collected 10 useful tricks that will help you save time and money using this kitchen technique.

Secrets of using a microwave oven

  1. as Unstick From the envelope? Have you ever glued a stamp to an envelope, and then already signing it, made a typo in the address? If so, then know that the brand can be easily peeled off.

    Just drop water on it, and then send the envelope to the microwave for 10 seconds. After that, try to carefully discard the brand. Ready!


  2. Delicious bacon without a frying pan! Do you want to cook bacon quickly and tasty without the help of a plate and a frying pan? no problem. With a microwave oven you can do it in a few minutes.

    Take the plate and put it on its invertedCeramic saucer. On top of it, put finely chopped bacon, as long as it fits. Then put in a microwave for 3 minutes. Get out of the oven and let cool a bit. Ready!


  3. How to disinfect Chopping board? You cut meat or fish on a cutting board and want to disinfect it? This is done very simply. Fields a little detergent on the board and distribute it all over its surface.

    Then put the board in the microwave for one minute.

    Well rinse the board after that. Detergent under the influence of high temperature will destroy virtually all bacteria and viruses.

    cutting board

  4. What should I do if the bun starts to stale? Your microwave oven can easily "refresh" some bakery products. Put, for example, buns for 15 seconds in a microwave. They will again become warm and soft.
  5. How to clean a microwave oven without usingchemical substances? Many people know about this trick and use it constantly. Clean the microwave without a drop of detergent possible! Just pour a little hot water into the pan, and then squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it.

    Put it in the microwave for 5 minutes. Then rub the walls of the oven with a damp cloth.


  6. How to chop onions and not to let a tear? Cut both ends of the bulb, then put it for about 30 seconds in the microwave. All the useful properties of onion are preserved, but the substances provoking lachrymation evaporate.
  7. Preparation of potato chips. Cut the potatoes into thin slices, put them on a plate and put them in the microwave for 3 minutes. Then turn potatoes on the other side and place for another 3 minutes. Sprinkle chips with salt or spices.
  8. Making a warmer against pain in the neck. Take a clean sock, fill it with rice and tie it from above. Place the filled sock for two minutes in a microwave oven.

    Then attach to the place on your neck that hurts, and soon the pain will pass.

    If you are seriously injured, then you should definitely consult a doctor.


  9. Disinfect the sponge For dishes! Take a sponge, moisten it with a little water with the addition of a couple drops of detergent. Then place it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Now the sponge is disinfected and no longer smells musty.
  10. How to cook delicious corn and not to get dirtyWith a mountain of dishes? Wrap the corn cob in a damp paper towel. Put it on a plate in the microwave for 3 minutes. Bon Appetit!

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Now you know almost all the tricks that your microwave oven can show. Share these brilliant everyday lifestyle with friends!