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15 ideas for a small apartment

A small apartment is not a verdict at all.Does not mean that you can not come up with anything original even on a tiny square. Having learned to correctly zonirovat space, even from one-room apartment it is possible to create a multipurpose and very cozy dwelling.

The main thing is your imagination. "so simple!" Prepared for you several ideas for the arrangement of a small space. Choose faster, what you like, and start remodeling your apartment!

Ideas for a small apartment

  1. Correct zoning space
    Space zoning
  2. Pay attention to the screen
  3. Curtains and light
  4. Decorative screen
  5. A wall with books
    A wall with books
  6. Sleeper behind a screen
  7. Simple wall for zoning
    Wall for zoning
  8. Glass screen
  9. studio apartment
  10. An unusual partition with a window
    Wall with a window
  11. Almost invisible curtain
  12. Niche for bed
  13. The rack will help you to share the space
  14. Decorative wall
  15. Mirrors will help visually expand the space

I hope that these ideas will help you Convert one's house And add functionality to it. Do not be upset if you are the owner of a small home!

And be sure to tell your friends about these ideas! Certainly among them, too, there are owners of small apartments.