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Signs to attract money

Once Albert Einstein was asked: "Why do you have a horseshoe over your door if you do not believe in signs?" The scientist replied: "Signs come true regardless of whether I believe in them or not". Perhaps it seems to you that the signs are nonsense. But in fact it is a precious experience of our ancestors who gave us their knowledge and observations in them.

In our time, people began to pay more attention to signsRelated to the theme of money, wealth and success. It would seem, what difference does it make how to keep money in your wallet. But there are a large number of signs that not only help save money, but also multiply them.

Signs for attracting money

How to draw money

  1. The next time you get a salary, bearIts all home. Do not spend money on the same day. If you need to buy something, take the right amount from the house or use a bank card. Money should "spend the night" at home with the rest of your savings.
  2. "They love money". Therefore, you should always know exactly what amount is currently in your wallet.
  3. Keep money in your wallet with your face to yourself in theOrder of diminishing monetary value. Large bills should be closer to you when you open a purse. Do not clack money and do not put bills upside down.
  4. Always keep a happy bill in your wallet. How to determine which banknote will bring you material luck? The last two digits in the denomination number must correspond to the last two digits of the year of your birth. And if three or four digits coincide, then this is even better. To find such a bill is not easy, but if you succeed, it will become your personal talisman. This note must come to you. You can not specifically look for it.
  5. Do not use your wallet as a storage placeNotes, coupons and checks. Keep only bank cards and money in your wallet. You can not keep photos of family and friends. They divert the necessary energy and stop the flow of money that you could get.

As you see, there is nothing complicated in this. Refer to Money With respect, and they will reciprocate you.

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