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Bread with mold

Imagine this situation: you come home hungry, you get a loaf of bread, you find a moldy crust. your actions? Many people believe that Mold on bread - a natural product, and do not see in it a big threat.

Of course, there is a greenish crust is not veryNice, so you can cut it. The rest of the bread looks healthy, so why should the good disappear ?! Some go even further, claiming that mold is even useful, because it contains penicillin.


So, the mold that appeared on the productsFood without human intervention, has no useful properties! When similar fungi appear on baking, they form very harmful substances. This can be hazardous to health.

Moreover, even a tiny area of ​​mold onThe surface of the product means that the food is completely affected by it. The sprouted fungus has long, filiform roots that completely penetrate the product (although we can not see them).

Bread with mold

What will happen if you eat bread with mold

  1. Mold is allergen. When in contact with the skin at the points of contact, itching, swelling, and rash may appear.
  2. mold

  3. You can not smell Moldy product, Because the spores will enter the body, which is fraught with diseases of the respiratory system.
  4. Bread with mold

  5. When ingested, mold causes headaches, vomiting, and increased fatigue.
  6. Mold on bread

  7. Mycotoxins affect the liver and nervous system. There is a violation of hormonal regulation, a decrease in immunity.
  8. Mold on bread

To prevent the appearance of mold, keep the breadbasket clean, periodically wiping it. Also much depends on observing the right baking technology and recipes. At Mold poisoning It is recommended to induce vomiting, take activated charcoal and consume a lot of liquid.

blue cheese

Mold can be blue, green, white, black,Yellow (the most poisonous). By the way, safe mold also exists. It is used for cooking wine and cheese. It gives the products a distinctive taste and aroma.

Now you will think seven times before cutting a piece of such bread. Share useful information with close people!