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How to save money

The main problem for many people is that they Spend more, Than they earn. A huge range of products in shopping centers, a variety of cunning tricks marketers, as well as the desire to seem successful in the eyes of others stimulate us to buy unnecessary goods.

It is often difficult to answer the question,Where did the salary go? Familiar? So that this does not happen, you need to properly plan your family budget and learn how to manage finances. The most popular and convenient way to control costs is to Method "4 envelopes".

Envelope method 4

  1. Determine the monthly income.
    If your income is different every month, thenDetermine its average size. For example, 3500. immediately deduct from this amount 10% (350 den. Units) in order to postpone. First accumulate a small amount, about the amount of your three-month income, and put it on the deposit. You will have 3 150 den. Units
  2. Subtract the necessary payments from the remaining amount.
    Here we are talking about paying rent for an apartment,Utilities and much more. Do not forget also to postpone the repayment of the loan, if you have it. Let's say it is 1200. You will have 1950 left.
  3. Define social spending.
    To this type of expenses include money for gifts to close people, meetings with friends in clubs and restaurants and much more. Let's say you need 150 den. Units

Total you will have 1800. the amount that you got in the end is divided by 4.3, because in a month more than 4 weeks. Distribute this money On four envelopes. In our case it turns out approximately 418 den. Units This is the amount that you can spend for a week. Make sure that it is enough.

There is nothing complicated in this method, but it is very effective. If you manage to spend less money, Than planned, it's just fine. You can pamper yourself with some nice gift, spend it on entertainment or postpone.

Of course, it is impossible to go immediately from uncontrolled spending to complete control over your finances. But it's worth trying. With this method you will be easier Achieve one's goals.

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