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Most of us had to be in relationships with narcissistic people. It can be not necessarily a beloved person - Daffodils Everywhere: neighbors, colleagues, friends. You can be dragged into an unpleasant quagmire with a man who loves only himself.

Here is your fault - you voluntarily agreed to interaction with the daffodil. So do not complain if it's hard for you: better leave right away. If you are not a masochist, of course.

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Unhealthy relationships Exhaust you and take away all your strength. A person can not be happy if next to him there is one who constantly poisons his life. Reconsider their views on the surrounding people and on what is happening to you. Perhaps you really should stop communicating with a person if you notice these sad signs ...

Signs of a narcissist

  1. This person never takes responsibility for what is happening. Instead, he likes to blame others.
  2. narcissist Not emotional. He seldom expresses his emotions, especially during the quarrel. Also, he can forbid expressing emotions to you, and this is a sophisticated form of violence.
  3. Take care of the maintenance and development of relations you. If you put a lot into the relationship with this person, and he did not make a single step to meet, this is a sure sign of narcissism. Narcissus man, like an energy vampire, takes away all your energy from you and gives you nothing in return.
  4. You are always justified before him. All your strengths go to something to fix - only now you do not know what. Everything seems to be in order, but the narcissist will never miss the opportunity to reproach you.
  5. This person is charming, often flirts with other people, even being in a serious relationship. He has a very high opinion of himself.
  6. The narcissist is irresponsibleTo his work, to financial position, does not seek stability in life and does not see the meaning in this stability. Its meaning of life is to make it so that it is good for him. All the rest - do not care.
  7. When you are next to such a person, you feel like a hero about the film about doctor jekyll and mister haida. At one point he is very nice, but it's worth telling you or doing something that he does not like ...

    Sharpness and rudeness will be an immediate reaction. You seem to walk on the egg shell, dealing with the daffodil - one wrong move, and all. failure.

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If you see these signs from your loverMan, all you can do is leave. The sooner you do it, the better. A man who is only in love with himself will never change! Do not try to somehow influence this circumstance, all attempts will be in vain.

You will always be in some way to blame, being next to him, this person is able to completely trample down your self-esteem. Why do you need it if there are more worthy people around?

5 steps to stop unhealthy relationships

  1. Keep this person at a distance. If this is your partner, try not to chat with him for a while. If it's a colleague or friend - communicate in extreme situations, only if you really want it.
  2. Find out why such a person chose you. Why do you choose the role of the victim? This is the only question you need to figure out. Otherwise, stop blaming yourself. The fact that you did not suit a narcissist is not your fault. Prepare to learn the secret: it is not satisfied with anybody and never!
  3. If you have made disappointing conclusions and understand,That he was firmly connected with the daffodil - it's time to break this disastrous relationship. Get ready and leave very quickly. Do not be surprised: this person will not experience or suffer for a long time, he will soon continue to move through life. He is unable to become attached to someone and can only love himself. Do not argue and do not explain anything - just go.
  4. Increase your self-esteem and get rid ofThe need to receive the approval of other people. So you will protect yourself from meeting with another narcissist, who is so eager to assert themselves at the expense of those who are weaker.
  5. Love yourself and surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you for real.

Believe me, you'll never regret stoppingSuch a relationship. There is a limit to everything, your nervous system is not designed for constant oppression. It's better to leave, while you still have the strength to do it - it will take a little time, and unhealthy relationships will drain you completely.

Go, do not look back and believe in your happiness - after such a trial as Relationship with the narcissist, You just deserved it.