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Useful properties of mint

Mint is a unique plant. Mint aroma can not be confused with another, this smell is simply divine! Tea, which is added mint - the most fragrant in the world.

Mint essential oil Perfectly removes the headache, mint is a part of many cosmetics, medications with mint extracts are also often found.

A kind of juicy green mint leaves verySeductive, add it to the salad and decorate with mint desserts - a win-win idea. But the most remarkable thing is that the mint is famous not only for its bright aroma. This plant can rightfully be considered medicinal!

Useful properties of mint

  1. With a breakdown in the stomach and aching spasms, drink a mint tea. Mint improves digestion and relaxes the walls of the stomach.
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  3. The antibacterial effect of mint is very strong. In order not to pick up an infectious disease, drink a mint broth or just warm water with mint and honey.
  4. Mint is an effective remedy against headache. Mint smell tones up, refreshes. Drink mint tea, and you will feel relief immediately: mint will relieve vasospasm, because because of them often arises headache.

    Apply a few drops of mint essential oil on the temples, this will help, even if you have a migraine.

  5. If you have a stuffy nose, do inhalation with mint. This method works even better than strong drops from the common cold!
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  7. Mint can influence growth Cancer cells, It slows the development of a terrible disease.
  8. Mint is indispensable for maintaining the nervous system inEquilibrium. If you often experience stress, it is more often to drink mint tea: mint relaxes, leads the nervous system to a stable state. Smell, taste and mint action - an ideal soothing.
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To strengthen your body the day before Spring vitamin deficiency, Drink mint teas and decoctions, combine mint with other herbs that have antibacterial and refreshing effect: fennel, sage, St. John's wort.

Of course, herbs should not be abused - moderation should be in everything. Because with too frequent use of mint can cause Heart problems. Refrain from mint should Pregnant women. The rest must necessarily feel the healing power of this wonderful plant!

Brew a cup of mint tea and breathe an unsurpassed fragrance. For the sake of such moments it is worth living ...