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How to get rid of bad breath

Unfortunately, such a problem as Bad smell Is familiar to many. Get rid of it, sometimes it is very difficult. There are many causes that cause stale breathing. For example, alcohol abuse or smoking.

these bad habits Contribute to the dehydration of the body, which entailsThe multiplication of bacteria. Some diseases, such as chronic inflammation of the stomach or intestines, cholelithiasis can cause bad breath. Pharyngitis, adenoiditis, inflammation of the tonsils or even an ordinary runny nose can also cause this problem.

In this case you need urgently Consult a doctor. But most often the cause of an unpleasant smell is the elementary failure to comply with the rules of oral hygiene. It is not enough to brush your teeth once a day. "so simple!" Collected 10 ways that will help you defeat the stale breath.

How to get rid of the smell from the mouth

smell from the mouth

  1. Drink more water.
    Saliva protects our mouth from bacteria. But when the body is dehydrated, dryness in the mouth appears and the microbes begin to multiply actively. To avoid this, drink as much water as possible during the day.
  2. Eat properly.
    Eat more fruits that contain vitamin C. Apple and carrots well clean the mouth after a basic meal and actively fight with bacteria. It is also recommended to use citrus fruits and berries. They contribute to a greater production of saliva.
  3. Drink more tea and less coffee.
    Since green tea has antibacterialProperties, it helps to get rid of bad breath. It is recommended to add a pinch of cinnamon and ground dried ginger to the tea. This drink will make your breath more fresh. But coffee creates an acidic environment in the mouth, which promotes the multiplication of harmful bacteria. Its use should be reduced.
  4. Regularly use a toothbrush and a thread.
    Everyone knows about this, but not everyone does it. Teeth should be cleaned in the morning and in the evening for at least three minutes. Dental floss should be used after each meal, as food is often hammered between the teeth.
  5. Do not forget to clean the tongue.
    Cleaning of the tongue should become for you as useful a habit as brushing your teeth. Most of the bacteria in the mouth is located on it.
  6. Rinse the mouth after eating.
    If after eating you do not have the opportunityBrush your teeth with a thread, then at least rinse your mouth with plain water. You can also add some baking soda to warm water. It gives a good cleansing and antibacterial effect.
  7. Chew the cud without sugar.
    If you are on the road, the bestAn unpleasant smell will be chewing gum. But it only masks the unpleasant smell, not bringing any benefit. Bacteria still continue to multiply. So use it only in emergencies.
  8. Use a spray-freshener of the oral cavity.
    Often such sprays not only freshen breath, but also treat inflammations of the gums and fight bacteria. It is desirable that the composition contains antiseptic components of plant origin.
  9. Quit smoking.
    It is no secret to anyone that smoking entails a stale breath. It should also be noted that smokers are three times more at risk of picking up any oral infection.
  10. Visit the dentist.
    If your body is OK, and you follow all the rules listed above, but you still have bad breath, then you need to visit a dentist.

Observe these simple Recommendations, And fresh breath will be provided to you.

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