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How to eat chopsticks

Traditional tableware in East Asian countries are Food sticks. Today they can be seen in some restaurantsExotic cuisine or sushi bars, and also to buy in a supermarket. They are almost impossible for anyone to surprise, but still not all have yet mastered the science of the correct use of sticks, which requires a little time and effort. How to learn to eat with their help?

To start, you can try to use Training sticks. This will be an excellent option for beginners. Making them yourself is very simple.

How to eat chopsticks

  1. Tie gum on the end of the sticks, as in the photo.
  2. Fold a small piece of paper into a tube.
  3. Spread the wand carefully and place the paper tube above it under the elastic band.

If you do not get to eat even with training sticks the first time - do not hurry to grab the fork. Better a bit Practice, And you will eventually become a true guru. patience and a little effort.

Gradually you will have the necessary Adroitness For this lesson. When you get together with friends in a sushi bar next time, you will surely amaze them with your skill and ease of handling chopsticks.

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