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Processed food products

Numerous studies show that technologically processed foods have a negative effect on our health. They contain a lot of sugar and fructose, which can lead to Diabetes mellitus, Elevated cholesterol levels in the blood and fat accumulation in the waist region.

Also these products do not give the body the necessary nutrients and energy. And the most terrible thing is that they contain artificial additives (for example, Preservatives, Dyes and flavors), which can lead to disastrous consequences with their regular use.

So if you want to start healthy lifestyle, Then you need to flatly refuse from technologically processed food products.

Most of the products that you see on supermarket shelves are processed: milk is pasteurized, and beef is ground into minced meat.

But when we talk about technologyProcessed products, we mean something completely different, namely products that have been chemically altered and made from artificial ingredients. For example, carbonated drinks, French fries and some sausages.

How to eliminate harmful foods from the diet

  1. Drink only healthy drinks.
    Starting today, start drinking onlyWater, milk, tea, as well as coffee and freshly squeezed fruit juices in small quantities. Avoid the use of Coca-Cola, energy drinks, packaged juices and sweet fizzy drinks.
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  3. Buy only fresh unprocessed meat.
    Technologically processed are bacon,Meat rolls, sausages, meat for sandwiches, ham, salami, as well as frozen products containing meat. These products are often saturated with such a carcinogenic substance as sodium nitrite.

    It is used as a color fixer toGive the meat an appetizing red color. But, unfortunately, the use of sodium nitrite promotes the formation of nitrosamines that cause cancer. Also, the intake of technologically processed meat as food increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 70%.

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  5. Give up fast food.
    Fast food not only provokes weight gain, but also is addictive. A study in which more than 3,000 people took part, showed that eating fast food could lead to Obesity, Depression, inflammation of the brain, asthma, heart problems. And this is an incomplete list of diseases caused by the use of "fast food".
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Stop using technologically processed products today! Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the garden and in the garden. Drink pure Filtered waterY. Your body will thank you for it.

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