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How to clean the sofa

Sofa - a cozy place where it is acceptedrelax. Excessive relaxation often leads to the fact that drinks are shed on the sofa and food falls. How awful to watch on your favorite couch ugly spots! Even if you disguise them with a cute pillow, you will still know that they are there ... unpleasant.

It's good that there is a remedy that solves the problem Soiling the sofa In two counts. Even those spots that are difficult to access due to the nature of the upholstery will be removed. Start looking for what you need to Ideal cleaning.

How to clean the sofa

You will need

  • Sponge made of natural material
  • Bottle of isopropyl alcohol
  • brush

Sometimes I want to squint, just not to see these terrible spots! When there are children in the house - there are twice as many contaminants ...

Stains on the couch

This is the result of the ordinary life of any person - no sofa remains too long to be clean.

Stains on the couch

Isopropyl alcohol - an incredibly effective remedy against any stains. Always keep a bottle of such alcohol in the house at home.


Alcohol immediately evaporates and leaves after itself an ideal purity.


With the help of a brush, clean up the villi and microfiber upholstery of the sofa.

Cleaning the couch

The sofa will look completely new! This way of cleaning upholstery works wonders even with old ones, Stained spots. Make home cleaning spots, make sure the effectiveness of the tool and be sure to tell about it to friends.