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Wi-Fi Antenna

If you often move and do not want every time Connect internet Or just want to saveOn this money, we have prepared for you an indispensable lifhak, with which you can use wi-fi from the nearest cafe or other open network at home.

And most importantly - you will spend on this mere penny!

You will need

  • baby bottle;
  • Usb-cable (with amplifier, if the length exceeds 3 meters);
  • Nippers;
  • insulating tape;
  • Silicone adhesive;
  • Plastic mesh.

The most exotic detail here - Wire spoon, Which is used as Antenna reflector. In the center of the mesh, a hole is made where the cable for the usb modem, protected from moisture by a bottle, is inserted. All this is fixed with glue and electrical tape if necessary.

Wai fi antenna

The most difficult - Install usb-receiver Exactly at the point where the signal is focused. The distance from the bottom of the reflector to the receiver is calculated from the formula f = d ^ 2 / (16c), that is, the square of the diameter divided by the depth of the antenna multiplied by 16.

By creating such an antenna you can catch the signal even at a distance of up to one kilometer. So why spend money on Internet connection, If you can create such a wonderful thing ?!