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How to cut a carrot

Cut carrots - it would seem that it can be simpler? We used to see a carrot, cut with rings and brusochkami. It turns out, there is absolutely Non-standard way of giving carrots. This video will break all your stereotypes about how to handle this useful vegetable. Who could have guessed that the usual slicing of carrots could turn into such an exciting process ...

The most interesting is at the end of the video. The result is completely unpredictable!

How to cut carrots

I'm delighted with this Master-class on slicing carrots!! Of course, what the guy did on the video,Seems very complicated. In fact, if you try and practice, such a patterned carrot will be obtained from everyone. You want to surprise your family - this ingenious method is the main thing, no one will remain indifferent to such pretentiously sliced ​​carrots. Even those who do not love her at all!

Show this impressive video about turning an ordinary carrot into something quite unexpected to your friends!