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How to make the right decision

Often a person first does something, and then alreadyBegins to think about the consequences. But as practice shows, at first it's better to think, but only then to start acting. Excellent technique, which is called "Dekart square" Is focused on thinking over its future decision on paper. It is very simple and takes quite a bit of time.

This technique helps to discern different aspects of the problem, before making a final verdict. The situation is examined from four different sides.

How to make the right decision

The essence of the "decarte square" is that you need to consider a question that interests you, answering four questions.

Divide a sheet of paper into four parts and write down the answer to each question. Be honest with yourself.

  1. What will happen if this happens? Advantages of making a decision.
  2. What will happen if this does not happen? The advantages of not receiving the desired.
  3. What will not happen if this happens? Minuses from getting what you want.
  4. What will not happen if this does not happen? Minuses from not receiving the desired.

When answering the last question, be careful, pay attention to double negation. Do not let the answer to this question coincide with the answer to the first.

This technique helps to make Right informed choice. Be sure to write everything on paper. Good luck in your decision-making!

Share this useful technique with your friends, it will help them make the right decisions easier and faster.