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Sleep naked useful

How many I can remember, I always liked To sleep without clothes. It does not seem strange to me. Sleep is freedom, falling asleep, you are freed from the cycle of life, your mind and body are resting. Why dress up yourself in pajamas, creating an extra restriction for the body? So I thought. My intuition did not deceive me, science managed to prove why sleep in the nude is the most useful.

Why you need to sleep naked

  1. When you fall asleep, the temperature of your bodyDecreases. It is necessary for a healthy sleep, a dream in the coolness - a strong and restoring force. Pajamas, especially if it is soft and cozy, like a teddy bear, affects the natural order of things. You can not cool down normally, Fall asleep firmly And qualitatively.
  2. Sleeping without clothes Is very useful for the health of female genital organs. Women who often have thrush should sleep without underwear. This prevents the reproduction of bacteria and fungi.
  3. Sleep naked will raise your self-confidence and sexuality to a new level. Couples who sleep together without clothes, enjoy an active sexual life, and this is logical.
    The girl is sleeping without clothes
  4. Sleep without clothes reduces the amount of the hormoneCortisol in the blood. It is a stress hormone that promotes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Sleep without clothes, and you will get rid of extra inches at the waist. The whole point is that Sleep naked Reduces the number of nocturnal awakenings, during which there is a sharp release of cortisol into the blood.
    The guy and the girl are sleeping
  5. Choosing a dream without clothes, you getAn additional dose of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone reduces the level of stress, prevents the occurrence of cancer, slows the inflammatory processes in the body. Thanks to oxytocin, you will be calmer, you will not be depressed.
  6. In the morning you will feel much purer. If you sleep in coolness and without clothes, you can not talk about night sweats. You will just have to wash yourself in the morning, the effect of evening cleanliness after the shower will remain until the morning.
  7. Not doing something is always easier than doing it! Why come up with an extra fuss with pajamas, if you can do without it perfectly? Save time and energy, remove pajamas away.

Sleep naked - so naturally! You'll get better sleep when the clothes stop shackling you. Try a dream without limits, and you will no longer want to voluntarily get into captivity pajamas.